7 Tips On How To Save On Food When TravellingBecause eating out for every meal is expensive!!!

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Saving on food when travelling can be a nightmare, so the key to not spending a fortune is preparation!

When you are away from home it can be easy to get carried away on the costs. You are out of your regular routine and do not have access to your kitchen. However, eating out every meal (plus snacks) for even one weekend can end up costing a family several hundreds, if not over a thousand dollars.  So whether you are going away for the week on a much deserved family holiday or are simply heading out of town for the weekend to visit some friends, here are some ways to cut the cost of food on your way.

1. Plan ahead

Make the decision on what meal you will eat out each day you are gone. For the rest of the meals, find a way to eat them on the road or out of your hotel room.  All you really need is a loaf of bread, some cheese and ham, milk, cereal and some fruit and you have breakfast and lunch sorted out. Stock up on water and juice at the grocery store. Now all you need to worry about is dinner.

Prepare the To Do List for the day concepts of planning ahead

2. Pack snacks

Bring along a cold bag with these essentials. That way your food will stay cold and will not be spoiled along the way. It doesn’t take long to fill up an esky with goods and it shouldn’t take up that much space in your car either. If you are strapped for space, place the esky in between the kids in the back seat.

Saving on Food when Travelling | Stay At Home Mum

3. Consider early bird specials

If you have children you are most likely not looking to eat dinner at 9:00pm. So push it back to 5:30pm and see if you can score an early bird meal. Many restaurants will offer 10 to 15 percent off the total bill if you eat before 6:00pm.

Dinner In Restaurant

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