10 Vintage Household Hacks To Improve Modern Living

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10 Vintage Household Hacks To Improve Modern Living

We’re all fond of a life hack in the modern world, but way before the internet came to be, it was a cigarette company that was spreading these tips around.

It seems ironic to think that a cigarette company was working to improve the lives of its customers, but that’s exactly what was happening. The year was 1910 and the company was Gallaher’s Cigarettes. They started putting home hack cards into their boxes, partly to make the boxes more durable. Although the company has since gone out of business, the cards remain saved forever.

Turns out, they had some pretty smart ideas. Here’s how you can…

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1. Cut Bread Into Thin Slices


If you don’t have a serated knife, it’s almost impossible to cut new bread without crushing it into a doughy heap. Well, don’t rush out to the knife shop because there is a solution. Before you cut the bread, plunge the knife into hot water and when it’s fully hot, quickly wipe it and use it to cut the bread. The hot knife will make it easy to cut even the softest bread into thin slices.

2. Revive Cut Flowers


If the lovely flowers that you’ve received look a little limp after being in transit or left out of water, there is a solution. You can “revive choice blooms” by plunging the stems into hot water and leaving them in there until the water is cool. After that time, just trip the ends of the stems, and place in cool water as normal.

3. Remove Ink Stains From Handkerchief


Handkerchiefs aren’t really a big fashion item in today’s world, but if you’ve got one and you’re finding it hard to get the stains out, here’s some advice. A “fine linen handkerchief which has had the misfortune to become stained with ink” can be returned to its former glory with a simple milk bath. Just leave the handkerchief in for some time, and the ink stains will fade away.

4. Boil A Cracked Egg


If you’ve got a cracked egg and a craving for boiled eggs, there’s no need to run to the grocery store. You can boil a cracked egg without all the goodness leaking out of the shell. Just add a small amount of vinegar to the pot with a cracked egg and boil away. The vinegar helps the egg white coagulate, so it should stop leaks.

5. Stop Vases From Getting Knocked Over


Most vases are small at the bottom and large at the top, making it very easy for them to be knocked over with the slightest bump. People knew this back in the day, which is why this advice was perfect to avoid breaking valuable vases. Simply take the vase and fill it with sand (small weights or marbles could also work) to make the balance of weight more even and stable.

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