10 Best Gardening Subscription Boxes 2021

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10 Best Gardening Subscription Boxes 2021

The sheer love for Subscription Boxes has only grown over the last year.  Now, if you can think of it, there is a subscription box to match.  But I am excited about these Gardening Subscription Boxes.  I love gardening and happily spend big bucks at Bunnings and the like to add to my stash of gardening related paraphernalia.  But now I can just let it all come to me!

Here are the 10 Best Gardening Subscription Boxes of 2021.  The best value for money and the best contents.

10 Best Seed Subscription Boxes:

  1. A Little Seedy Organic Seed Subscription Box
  2. Seedle send you monthly seeds to grow organic produce at home from $6/month.
  3. Easy Come Easy Grow is a monthly herb and vegetable seed subscription box from only $9 per month.
  4. Backyard Seeds is a seasonal seed subscription that sends you all the vegetable and herb seeds you will need all year round.
  5. Garden Outside the Box is a veggie, herb and microgreens gardening subscription box.
  6. Cactus Seed Club is a curated selection of cactus seeds delivered to your door every month.
  7. Seed Bank Box is an amazing box of organic vegetable seeds for your vegetable garden sent every month.
  8. The Seed Box has a selection of specialty seeds together with biodegradable pots and even the potting mix all in one monthly package.
  9. Urban Organic Gardening Subscription Box has a ‘Seed of the Month’ club and quality garden supplies curated especially to your garden.
  10. Sow & Grow Italian Veggie Box is a box of rare seeds of Italian vegetables that you won’t find anywhere else. From $18.25/month.

10 Best Succulent Lovers Subscription Boxes:

  1. Succulent Lovers Box
  2. The Succulent Source Box contains five unique succulent plants delivered to your door.
  3. The Succulents Box is a monthly subscription delivery beautiful succulents to your dor with a free succulent puzzle for the first 6 – 12 months.
  4. Soleil Succulents delivery teeny tiny succulents of the month with mini pots.
  5. Succulents Monthly delivers to you high quality curated succulant plants, pots, media and fun gardening goodies from $29/month.
  6. Monthly Succulent Studios delivers two stunning succulents to you per month shipped from their family-owned succulent farm in Southern California.
  7. The Cactique is a monthly subscription box with a beautiful cactus perfect for succulent lovers. From $27.25/month.
  8. The Christian Succulent Box is a monthly Christian themed box for succulent lovers who also love the Christian lifestyle.  From $29.97/month.

10 Best Plant Subscription Boxes:

  1. My Garden Box
  2. Air Plants Monthly Club Box
  3. A Gardening We Grow Box
  4. House Plant Box
  5. The Plant Club
  6. The Farmhouse on 8th
  7. Forest Nation Box
  8. Go Girl, Grow Girl!
  9. Pennington Design Box

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