10 Ways To Dig $$$ Straight Out Of Your GardenHealthy, Wealthy and Wise!

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6. Save seeds and gift them

Harvesting and saving your seeds is frugal and fulfilling. When buying your original seeds, choose heirloom varieties that aren’t hybrid and will produce fertile seed. You won’t need to rebuy these seeds and you may be able to give them to a friend as a gift. These can be done up beautifully with an envelope, twine and a little sketch of the plant.

7. Take cuttings

When someone offers you a cutting, take it. People love giving gifts from the garden and when the plant matures, you too will get a kick out of passing on a plant to someone. Look at the plants in your garden and find out which of these can be propagated from cutting. These are wonderful gifts or even saleable at markets etc.

8. Meet friends in your garden instead of a coffee shop

10 Ways to Dig $$$ Straight Out of Your Garden
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This is such a fun and inexpensive way to catch up with friends. Meeting at cafes can be expensive so ask them to meet you in your garden. Set up a pretty table and chairs and serve herbal tea and cake decorated with edible flowers.

9. Press flowers for presents

Most of the flowers mentioned earlier can be pressed and preserved. This is really easy and you will be able to make so many gifts with them. Cards, candles, ice cubes, jewellery, coasters…. the possibilities are endless. Just grow, pick, press and then it will come to you.


10. Dry herbs for gifts

10 Ways to Dig $$$ Straight Out of Your Garden
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A bunch of dried herbs doesn’t exactly sound like a great gift to receive but what about mixed herbs in a beautifully decorated jar, potpourri, aromatic oils, heat packs….. Everyone uses these things and will be so grateful for the personal effort you have put into it.
There is something very satisfying about gardening and sharing the produce. Maybe it is our instincts kicking in or maybe the sharing side of it is just good for our soul. However you want to look at it, as Mums, we recognise that the simpler things in life are the most beautiful.

Stay At Home Mum

10 Ways to Dig $$$ Straight Out of Your Garden
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What other ideas do you have to dig $$$ straight out of your garden?

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