20+ Awesome Backyard Hacks

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20+ Awesome Backyard Hacks

We spend quite a bit of time outside in the summer, so it makes sense that our backyards should make a statement.

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But, if your backyard is looking a little plain and worn out, what do you do? Well, you start by reading this list of 20+ awesome DIY backyard hacks for projects and ideas to spiff things up.


1. Painted Garden Stones

These painted garden stones are a great way to add a bit of interest to your garden, or to pots around the space. They’re perfect for people who struggle to keep plants alive, or who want the cactus look without the child-unfriendly spikes!

2. Colourful Patio Tiles

If you’ve got a boring old patio, this is the DIY for you! It’s really easy but makes one hell of a statement, and can definitely give your patio a colourful makeover for the upcoming summer.

3. DIY Stacked Herb Garden

Got herbs and want them to be easily accessible? Have a look at this DIY Stacked Herb Garden. This project might be just the boost you need to get your herb garden flourishing again, and it’s also very decorative.

4. Tyre Planters

We love seeing goods that might find their way into landfill being repurposed, these tyre planters being a great example. This particular example is very colourful, but you could go more subtle as well. In any case they make for a great planting option!

5. Rope Wrapped Planter Pots

Don’t worry that you can’t afford expensive pots, all you need is a few cheap ones and a nice length of rope for this rope wrapped planter project. Great for the budget gardener, but definitely not something your guests will miss!

6. DIY Bird Feeders

Bring some more bird life, and some wonderful bird song, into your garden with this fantastically simple DIY bird feeders. This is a good project for kids to be involved with, and they’ll certainly enjoy seeing all the birds that come to visit.

For The Kids

7. Skateboard Swing

If you’re planning on installing a tree swing you can try a little twist on the classic by putting up this skateboard swing. A hit with boys and girls alike, it improves balance and gives the kids something to do in the garden.

8. Homemade Water Blob

Cooling down in the summer doesn’t get much better than this homemade water blob. Yes, it’s a bit of work to get it done, but it’s great for birthdays, garden parties, or big kid-packed BBQs!

9. DIY Kids Rock Climbing Wall

Rock climbing gyms are far from cheap, but if you just have little kids with an interest in climbing, it is possible for you to make your own rock wall at home. Get the rock holds online, and make sure it’s mounted securely where ever you place it.

10. Kids Backyard Teepee

Teepees are super popular now, and we can see why. They provide a great private space for your kids to enjoy the garden, and they’re really very simple to put together. Talk about a great way to get your kids outdoors!

11. Outdoor Mounted Chalkboard

Some people have mounted chalkboards inside, but we don’t want that mess. We’d much prefer to have a chalkboard somewhere that we can just hose it off afterward, which is why this outdoor mounted chalkboard looks so good.

12. Recycled Bottle Bowling

Keeping kids occupied and giving them enough reason to choose outside over inside is hard. That’s where games like this recycled bottle bowling come in. With just a little bit of prep in putting the game together, your kids will be occupied all day.

13. Rainbow Hopscotch

Hopscotch is usually drawn on the ground in chalk, but if you don’t have a space for that you can just lay out some pavers and accomplish the same thing. Painting them in rainbow colours just makes the entire thing more appealing!


14. Rope Light Pathways

Outdoor rope lighting is very versatile if you have a few good ideas. We love the idea of lining our garden paths with this stuff, and also our garden verges, to shed a bit of light on the night-time look of the backyard.

15. Tin Can Lanterns

Simple lighting solutions aren’t always easy to come by, but these tin can lanterns definitely are. They use tin cans like the ones clogging up your recycling, but with a few alterations and a lick of paint they’re seriously stunning.


16. Cinderblock Bench

Cinderblocks are very easy to access, cheap to buy, and not difficult to put together into this cinderblock bench. With a little bit of work, your garden can have a simple, but effective, seating spot for the summer.

17. DIY Pallet Day Bed

Pallet beds are definitely the rage at the moment, and some of them are very complicated. If you have a few skills with a drill and you’re happy to sand, they aren’t impossible to do, but don’t overestimate your ability!

18. Concrete Block Slat Bench

If woodworking isn’t for you, this concrete block slat bench is a really visually pleasing seating option, without the hard work. A lick of paint or an industrial look, either is sure to spice things up in your backyard.

19. Backyard Firepit

It doesn’t get much better than sitting under the stars with a fire roaring in the pit just enjoying the summer nights. Providing it’s dry, a fire pit also does double duty in the winter! Check local laws first, but otherwise it’s definitely worth doing.

20. Recycled Tyre Ottoman

Need some seating but don’t want to spend big? That’s where recycled tyres come in! This recycled tyre ottoman is a really simple, really DIY friendly project that you can knock together in hardly any time at all. Chair coming up!

Hope these backyard hacks might make your time outside of your house more enjoyable not just during summer but all day long.

What DIY backyard hacks have you tried?

Any suggestions?

20+ Awesome Backyard Hacks Pinnable

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