All Natural Gardening Solutions

We have some ideas on all natural gardening solutions, since one of the biggest predicaments mums face when it comes to keeping their garden looking glowing all year round is whether or not to use harsh chemicals in order to make their garden grow lush. While some gardens may grow perfectly with just a little sun, soil and water, others will require a little push in the right direction. If your garden could use some serious TLC but you don’t really want to spend the money on harsh and often harmful chemicals, then you’re in luck. Head into your pantry and try some of these at home all natural remedies for garden care instead:

Fertilizing your Garden

Fertilizer is an important part of garden care and will provide your yard and garden with necessary nutrients. However, traditional fertilizer sold at the shops can be harmful to your pets and kids and can also be expensive. There are plenty of other solutions to fertilize your plants without even leaving your home:

  • Banana peels – instead of throwing out the peels after morning tea, head over to the garden and stick them just below the surface of the soil. You will be providing your plants with a delicious snack as well which includes calcium, sulphur, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium.
  • Ground Coffee – can’t live without your morning coffee? Neither can your plants. Coffee contains nitrogen which is a treat for plants, especially rose bushes. You can expect your garden to be much healthier by sprinkling a small amount into your garden.
  • Tea – tea leaves are another great fertilizer for your garden especially if your garden contains azaleas, violets, hydrangeas and rose bushes. If you don’t have any tea leaves to sprinkle at the base of the plants, you can also tip the last bit of tea from your pot.


Additional Garden Care Tips
In addition to fertilizer you can also add other ingredients to your garden to help the plants look their best:

  • Table salt – curing brown leaves may be as simple as sprinkling some table salt on the problem leaves. This is especially the case in certain plants such as gardenias and camellias which provide beautiful flowers but often lack in the right colouring for the leaves. Table salt may be all you need to get rid of the brown.
  • Mineral Oil – mineral oil is a soothing lotion for your skin as well as for your plant’s leaves. Adding a small amount of mineral oil or castor oil to your indoor plant’s leaves will leave them looking green, healthy and shiny.
  • Lemon or orange peels – have a problem with cats using your garden as their personal litter box?  Adding lemon or orange peel to your garden will repel the cats and keep them out of your garden.
  • Olive Oil and Sugar – grubby hands be gone! Finally, with all the hard work in the garden and around the yard your hands may be looking a little worse for wear. If this is the case, try rubbing olive oil and sugar between your palms. This mixture works wonders to get rid of soil stained hands that soap and water just won’t fix.

So before you hit the garden centre looking for the harsh chemicals, head back inside and look inside your pantry. You may be surprised what these all natural solutions can do for your garden.

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