Beer Snail Trap

Beer Snail Trap


Now I think my hubby would regard this as a waste of good beer, but this is a sure fire way of getting rid of those pesky snails in your garden without using harsh chemicals (just your hubby’s beer if he’ll part with some of it!) Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a empty plastic bottle. Depending on how big your problem is use either a 600ml or 1.5l bottle.
  • Cut a flap of plastic down either side of the bottle so that they can open to the ground with the bottle standing upright. Fold them down and this allows the snail to climb into the trap.
  • Fill the bottom of the bottle with beer. Bury the base in the ground so that the flaps are level with the ground to allow the snails an easy climb into the trap.
  • Make sure you leave the lid on to stop water getting in and diluting the beer.
  • The snails will climb in and either drown in the beer, or drink it and be poisoned.


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