When In Drought? Paint Your Lawn Green

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  • When In Drought? Paint Your Lawn Green

Here’s a fact: We like our lawns green. How do we know?

Researchers found out that we spend about $30 billion in lawn care, there are 40.5 million acres of lawn in the US alone, and we use 30 to 60% of our water for tending the lawn and other outdoor activities that benefit our lawn. Now those numbers must mean something, don’t they?

But because of drought seasons, people have been getting interested in painting their lawns green, literally.

The idea of painting grass green is not new. The New York Times reported in 1992 that turf paint had been utilised in the face of a severe two-year drought in Southern California, with hundreds of instances of lawn-painting in Santa Barbara.

Golf courses have used the technique for years too. Here’s a helpful video tutorial on how to paint your lawns green.

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