How Donning a Uniform Can Help Our Aussie Farmers

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How Donning a Uniform Can Help Our Aussie Farmers

In Australia, we love a uniform.

Nurse, Army, police, workmen, and women across the nation don a uniform in a show of unity every day; whether they realise it or not. In the country we wear cattleman hats, long sleeve flannel shirts covered in dust and red-dirt coated boots.

hacon | Stay at Home

The Hacon’s – real life farmers at Mt Isa

It is this classic country wear, which is worn daily by our farmers suffering in the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history, that we now know as the uniform of the toughest job in the world. The worst drought in living memory is sweeping parts of eastern Australia, leaving farmers struggling to cope and asking questions about their futures on the land.

So how can average Aussie’s help the cause?

It’s simple: wear a uniform.

Awestralia is high-quality tee-shirt company’s philanthropic initiative giving 20 percent of all sales to supporting drought and disaster relief initiatives across our great country. The cotton tees represent the good-humored, larrikin side of being Australian, with bright insignia practically screaming “We are awesome” “” hence the Awestralia name and slogan.

So, once you have donned your drought relief uniform thanks to Awestralia, perhaps it’s time to think about what else you can do in your day to day life to help our Aussie farmers.

Lucky for you, we have put together our top 12 tips for supporting drought relief.

robyn bryant family | Stay at Home

The Bryants, Farmers in the Southern Inland of Queensland

Donate to a reputable charitable organisation.

We all know that goodwill can go a long way, especially in times of need. Donating to a reputable drought-relief charity is just one feel-good way you can help. And hey, if you can wear a super awesome tee-shirt while you’re at it, then it’s definitely worth the online shopping.

Purchase food from a farm gate or farmers market.

Paddock to plate is the discovery of where your food comes from, and there is nothing more rewarding than meeting the farmers in person at a farm gate or farmers market. When you purchase products directly from the farmer, not only are you benefitting, but the funds are going straight into the pocket of the people who need it most.

Host a ‘Drought Out’ barbecue, picnic, lunch or dinner party using Australian meat and produce.

Can’t think of a reason to invite your friends over for a barbecue? Well, kicking up your heels for a good cause might be the perfect excuse. Ask your friends to donate, start a collection tin and strike up a conversation about the drought. You can even get everyone to wear an Awestralia tee-shirt, with 20% going directly to drought relief.

Awestralia | Stay at Home Mum

Take a drive for the day, weekend or week to an outback country town and spend some money there.

Roads trips aren’t always to the beach; have you ever thought about taking a drive to the country? It’s a whole new world out there among the paddocks and livestock, where motorcycles burn trails of dirt into the air, and livestock can be heard from miles away. Trust us; there is no more perfect place to visit.

Visit any rural community and buy from the local businesses.

Local businesses are the camels of the outback; carrying and supplying the everyday necessities others take for granted. Buying from a local business in a rural community can go a long way to helping the farmers, with their local local store staying open when the closest supermarket might be a 100km away.

Image result for kandanga rural store

The Kandanga Farm Store – From Farm to Fork

Keep in touch with rural relatives, friends, and neighbors even if it’s just a weekly phone call to let them know you care.

A chinwag is an ultimate pastime for Aussies, and it’s especially important to those who need it most. Pick up the phone to those you know in need and offer a listening ear “” you’ll be surprised how life-changing a phone call can be.

Host a country hall gala ball and barbecue.

Whether it’s boot-scootin’ or ballroom dancing, hosting a community event in a country hall could be the ticket to drumming up some charitable funds for drought relief.

Shout some locals a meal, wine or beer then lend them an ear.

Or you could buy a parma for a farmer, or beef for a bale from your club or pub; any small amount of charity can go a long way to helping farmers in need.

Awestralia | Stay at Home Mum

The Awestralia Pink Cap available from Awestralia for $24.90

Work as a group to shout larger events such as a movie night or town party in a rural location.

Get your community hat on and join forces with your neighbors to host a big shindig in honor of our farmers. Movie nights for the kids always draw a crowd, as do street food nights, with minivans selling worldly delicacies made from local, delicious produce – yum!

Make an online purchase from a rural small business.

Online shopping isn’t just for big brands; the smaller businesses are often online too. Find a directory of rural small businesses and start your Christmas shopping early, knowing every cent you spend is going to helping those in need. Or, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, buy an Awesralia tee-shirt, with 20% of all sales going directly to drought relief

Image result for royal hotel gympie

The Royal Hotel in Gympie, Queensland

Show pride and support when you buy an ‘Awestralia‘ product.  

Wearing an Awestralia tee-shirt doesn’t just mean you’ve helped Aussie farmers, it’s also the perfect way to spread the word about lending a hand to drought relief, and striking up conversations with friends or strangers about how they can help.

Post your adventure and a selfie in your ‘Awestralia‘ tee on social media and encourage others to join in the fun.

From the beach to the city, and out to the country, wear your Awestralia tee with pride and share your adventures with the entire nation. Take a photo of you and your friends wearing these high-quality tee-shirts and help spread the word about drought relief. It’s one simple gesture that can go a long way to helping those who need it.

So if you have ever eaten bread, sipped milk or worn clothing, you have been reliant on a farmer.  Now it’s the farmers turn to rely on us.  It’s time to acknowledge what an essential part they play in the “awesome” that is Australia and our way of life.  Let them know that they are not alone in their struggle and that we really do care.

AWEAUS is a trademarked format of Awesome Australia Alliance Pty Ltd and items bearing that format see a percentage of sales go towards supporting disaster drought relief.

You can find them using the link provided or at

Awesome t-shirts, caps and stubby coolers are available now, with regular additional merchandise being added.


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