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It’s safe to say my husband is utterly furious at Channel 10 right now. After what turned out to be a two year hiatus, Offspring is back tonight!

He thought it was gone for good and was very pleased, because he doesn’t support all of my life choices (eg: ogling the men in Nina Proudman’s life…wait, no, I mean looking at her outfits and coveting her wardrobe, that’s it).

I used to have this joke that if anyone ever needed him to leave a room quickly, just pop an episode of Offspring on and he would flee, grumbling as he went about how Nina (who he will only ever refer to as “Irritating Blonde Doctor”) dealing with her constantly intrusive family brought back traumatic memories of members of his own family who used to do the same to him.

Dr Swoon

Three years ago, when all of Australia was united in grief over the passing of pregnant Nina Proudman’s partner, Dr Patrick Reid, my terrible husband was reveling in the loss of this amazing Wednesday night eye candy from our screens. Even to this day, when promos for The Kettering Incident, starring Matthew Le Nevez, (who played Patrick) have been appearing on Foxtel, every time he sees one, my other half keeps referring to him as “Dr Eggshell Skull” who “died after getting bumped by a Mazda.” How rude!

Those of us still mourning Patrick Reid had to go through another brutal loss in the last season when he stopped appearing in Nina’s fantasies/hallucinations and she said goodbye to him. Devo.

So I’m #sorrynotsorry to say to my husband, that what the cat and I like to refer to as “our stories”, is returning on Wednesday, and he can go jump, because we will be there with bells on. (My husband is also scathing of all of the cat’s choices in life, up to and including eating cat food and not having a job, but also his love of watching Offspring with me).

Back On The Bandwagon

When we last saw Nina and the rest of the Proudman family, she had hooked up with Leo, a male midwife, played by the very lovely Patrick Brammall. (In fact, I have spent the time since Offspring ended in 2014 filling the void by watching Mr Brammall on shows such as Glitch and Upper Middle Bogan.)

Everything in Nina’s life finally seemed to be on track, as she faced raising her daughter Zoe without Patrick, but with Leo by her side, and the series was wrapped up in a neat little bow, because its future was uncertain and the producers of the show cared enough about us viewers that they didn’t want to leave us hanging.


Still reeling from losing Patrick not once, but twice, Offspring fans then had to say goodbye to all the characters they had grown to love (even that weirdo Martin Clegg). But most importantly, the woman the show revolved around: Dr Nina Proudman from St. Francis Hospital.

The new season will pick up 18 months after where the last one left off… and judging by the promotional photos, they’ve managed to find a little girl to play Zoe who dead-set looks like she could pass for Matthew Le Nevez’s real-life kid.

People Pleaser

Nina seems to be one of those characters you will either love or hate. My husband hates her for all the reasons I love her: she’s neurotic, indecisive, a big-time day dreamer and tries hard to keep her various crazy family members happy.

Admittedly, because she is an obstetrician, that’s probably not what you’d be looking for in someone who might have to slice you open and yoink a baby out: you’d want them to be constantly cool, calm, collected and not distracted by fantasies and hallucinations. But that just makes me love that crazy bird even more: the fact that she can be so flawed and still do what she does makes her a much more likeable “everywoman” than some stereotyped ball-breaker from other medical dramas.

I personally couldn’t cope with her family if they were mine, but each to their own. I’d have moved countries to get away from all of them, but they do at least make a refreshing difference from the usual cardboard cut outs that pass for TV families. They do seem to care about one another in their own messed up way, even if they don’t seem to understand boundaries all that well.

And of course, she knows how to wear a scarf and boots better than anyone else on the planet.


Are you as ‘wet your pants’ excited as we are with the return of Offspring?

Don’t forget, Wednesday 29th June 2016, 8:30pm.

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