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This father’s day is going to be a tough one for our family.  Kind of like trying to celebrate Christmas without the big guy making an appearance.  All you want to do is give him a hug and say how much you love him. 

My father is Frank McInerny. He was a highly influential person in my life providing me with unconditional love, support and security. He was a devoted family man, active supporter of the community and generous with those in need.Get Your Dad The Best Gift This Fathers Day

On the 17th of December 2013 he lost his 7 year battle with Prostate Cancer after a courageous fight.

This Fathers Day will be our first without him. Dad was such a big personality that it will be difficult to disguise that void but we will try. My nieces and nephews will help. They are going to get my brothers an online checkup to remind them how important it is to look after themselves. Because they are fathers too.

The shocking fact is 1 in 2 Australian men will be diagnosed with a cancer (30% more likely than women) before they turn 85, and 1 in 4 men will get prostate cancer by this age. That’s 1 in 2 dads, brothers, husbands, sons, grandfathers, mates and colleagues. It is the most diagnosed non-skin cancer of any kind in the country and Australia has one of the highest incidences of prostate cancer in the world and numbers are on the rise.The total cost of prostate cancer is estimated to be in excess of $1.4 billion per annum. More than 20,000 men are diagnosed annually and more than 3,000 die of prostate cancer every year.

This Father’s Day, Australian Prostate Cancer Research is offering you the chance to give your dad the most important gift of all – his health. Forget the cliché socks and jocks and buy dad a hassle-free online checkup from for $49 that could save his life.The online checkup isn’t daunting or time consuming. Dads can book their appointments on the website – no travelling, no awkward waiting rooms, no car parking and confidentiality is guaranteed. A specialist nurse will advise on general and specific prostate health and make sure dad is set on the path to a healthy and happy future.

Give Your Dad The Best Gift For Fathers DayThe online checkup has been developed by Australian Prostate Cancer Research in collaboration with a clinical advisory committee. It does not include any diagnosis, but men taking the checkup will be sent a confidential report highlighting areas of potential concern that should be followed up on with a GP.

Money raised by the checkup will firstly fund specialist nurses to provide the service and any surplus proceeds will go towards the opening of an Australian first dedicated Men’s Clinic by Australian Prostate Cancer Research in clinical partnership with Royal Melbourne Hospital. It will provide treatment and support for men living with prostate cancer and other serious men’s health conditions, including psychological support, physiotherapy, nutrition/dietetics and other vital services.

This clinic is the first of its kind and a revolutionary step for men’s healthcare.

The Father’s Day online checkup supports all dads. What better way to raise funds for a much needed healthcare service and at the same time make sure there’ll be plenty more Father’s Days to come.

For more information, visit

APCR is a national research organisation that partners with leading institutions to develop, fund and deliver national research programs committed to discovering new tests, treatments and industry education in prostate cancer care.


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