Mummy Exhaustion And Avoiding Feeling Flat

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We all have those days when you feel just so ordinary- I had one yesterday and I went for a 12 km run to try and snap out of it.  It worked. I came home feeling sweaty and fantastic. While we can’t feel extra awesome and extra ordinary every day (and I sure as hell can’t run 12 km every day!!!), the science behind “blahness’ is actually incredibly interesting. Diet, lifestyle and exercise all play an important role in how you feel. If you are interested in health and wellness, then be sure to check out the AIAS, the leaders in online education.  The AIAS offers flexible study options for busy mums, with certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas in a number of innovative and growing industries including Natural Medicine, Massage, Beauty, Health and Wellness.

Happy Mother Playing With Baby On BeachHere are some hints to keep Blah to the curb and get back to yourself.

  • Step outside your comfort zone and do something spontaneous
  • Make lists for every little thing that has to be done each day and tick them off as you go. Something about ticking off the tasks is very rewarding, even if they are minor like ‘go grocery shopping.’
  • Get some sun. Take a walk on the beach, listen to the waves and step away from the house.
  • Write down your feelings on paper. This is especially a good idea if you are not sure what is bothering you. Writing it down can help you figure out what is going on.
  • Listen to music and dance. You look like one of those weird characters from Yo Yo Gabba when you dance? So what? Do it anyway. And sing as loud as you can too.
  • End the day on a positive. Get in the habit of choosing one positive thing that happened during your day to share at the dinner table. This is an easy way to change your state of mind and trick yourself into feeling more positive, even on blah days.
  • Work your mind with a Sudoku or crossword puzzle
  • Work your body with a hike, walk or swim.
  • Get creative with the kids by doing your own painting, pastels or other art project. Pick up some extra canvases for yourself when buying the kid’s craft supplies and see what you come up with.
  • Stay away from things and people that make you feel down or Blah. Toxic friendships are the worst!
  • Put on a chick flick and laugh out loud.
  • Hop in the shower or even cold water. Splash around in the swimming pool with the kids; take a turn on the slip n slide – something about water seems to always perk me up.
  • Put effort into everything you do – yes, often when you make a creative lunch for the kids it ends up on the floor, but having pride for what you do is a great way to kick away those Blahs.
  • Put away the phone/ipad/computer. Set a time during the day when there is no technology in the house.
  • Consider counselling. If the blahs don’t go away it may be time to talk to a professional about it. There may be a problem with your mood which can be corrected through therapy and/or medication.
  • Get rid of the phrase “I should” or “I shouldn’t.”
  • Rest – ask your hubby or friend to take the kids for a few hours, a day or (if you’re lucky!) a weekend. Even if you don’t sleep, lay down, put on a movie or just close your eyes.
  • Get dressed up. For no reason. In fact, go, right now and dig your wedding dress out of the closet and put it on (if it still fits!). Sometimes a gal just needs a little sparkle in her life.

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