10 Alterantive Uses For Coconut Oil

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10 Alterantive Uses For Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil may not be as healthy for cooking as we first thought, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for other things around the house!

There aren’t many homes that don’t have a jar of coconut oil.  But did you know that it can be used for polishing furniture and keeping your pet’s coat nice and shiny?  Here are our 10 alternative uses for coconut oil.

10 Alternative Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Pet Wellness

Your dogs and cats can benefit from the amazing properties of coconut oil too – just add a teaspoon to their food every day!  Coconut Oil can make their fur beautiful and shiny.

2. Sticky Goo Remover

Just like orange oil, coconut oil can remove that awful goo left behind from old stickers and the like. Just mix equal parts baking soda and oil to make a paste, apply to the area and leave for a few minutes. Gently scrub with a toothbrush or the scourer side of a sponge.

3. Insect Repellent

Fancy a sweet-smelling insect repellent? Mix coconut oil with peppermint oil extract and rub all over yourself to keep the bugs away.

4. Chewing Gum Remover

Everybody will experience the pain of chewing gum in your children, or your own hair, at some point. Just rub some coconut oil over the stuck gum, leave it in for 1/2 an hour, then gently roll the gum between your fingers to remove it without cutting any hair!

10 Alternative Uses for Coconut Oil

5. Use Coconut Oil as Furniture Polish

Coconut oil mixed with a little lemon juice makes a fantastic wooden furniture polish. Just test it on a small, unseen area first to make sure it achieves your desired result.

6. Coconut Oil Can be Used for Seasoning Cookware

Some people swear by it, rubbing your frypans etc with oil to make them last longer. Some people even leave their frypans pretty dirty with oil and grease from the last time they cooked. I’m not into it but rub a little coconut oil on your cookware to see how it adds to the flavour of your cooking.

7. Moisturising and Cleaning Leather

Just rub a little oil onto a tea towel or cotton rag and wipe down your leather. It cleans the surface and moisturises the actual leather, making it a bit more durable. A lot safer than chemical cleaning products. (especially if you have kids climbing all over it!)

8. Use Coconut Oil to Improve Your Dental Health

Ever heard of ‘oil pulling’?  It is the practice of ‘swishing’ oil in your mouth for 10 minutes before discarding it.  Coconut Oil has qualities that can prevent bacteria that cause tooth decay and cause gum disease.

9. Relieve The Itchiness Associated with Eczema

If your child suffers from Eczema or Dermatitis, use a smear of coconut oil on the rash to ease the itchiness.  It is a nice, natural alternative to chemical-filled creams.

10. Use Coconut Oil as a Natural Deodorant

When sweat hits the air, the bacteria living on your skin starts to omit an odour.  As coconut oil has natural antibacterial qualities – it can be a good natural deodorant.  Apply to clean dry skin.

Always use organic or natural coconut oil as cheaper, processed alternatives tend not to be as effective.

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