Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Reach Your Fitness Goals

Reach You Fitness Goals | Stay at Home MumReach Your Fitness Goals

To reach your fitness goals , you must start to prioritise, since as mothers our own goals are often let go.Whether you are still trying to shed that baby weight or are struggling to fit into your last year’s clothes, if you have made the decision to lose some weight and get in shape, then good for you! It can be tricky to find the time and the motivation to exercise when you already have so much going on. So below are some tips on staying motivated and reaching your fitness goals whatever they may be.

Eat Right

What’s the point in exercising like a crazy lady if you’re going to enjoy fast food and fatty choices every night for dinner? Make the swap to healthy alternatives. Start with a balanced breakfast which many busy mums will miss.

Find a Workout Friend

Have trouble keeping motivated? Why not exercise with a friend or look for a group program where you are reaching your goals with other people. Play off each other’s motivations.

Choose Group Workouts

Alternatively, look into a group class such as pump, spin and cyclic activities at the gym. These classes are usually 45 minutes long and allow you to get fit in a group setting.

Set Mini Goals

So you want to lose 10 kg. That’s great but you can’t expect to lose it all in one week. So, instead, break down your goal weight and reward yourself every time you do reach a new weight loss. Rather than focusing on losing 10 kg, which can take a few months, set smaller goals of, say 2 kg. Eventually you will make the 10 kg mark but you deserve a few rewards on the journey there.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Enjoyed a few too many beers on the weekend? Didn’t feel like going to the gym after a particular trying day? Try not to let those feelings of guilt, which often linger inside you when you are trying to make a goal, get you down. Your fitness journey will have plenty of bumps along the way but the key is to focus on tomorrow rather than feeling guilty about those off moments. We all deserve a few off days (and a few beers!)

Think outside the gym

Yes, going to gym is a great way to get your daily exercise in but it’s not the only way. Some people are natural gym people and others are not. If you fall into the latter category then explore other methods of exercise. Walking, running, swimming, hiking and dancing all offer excellent workouts. If you want something to share with a friend or partner, then consider tennis or joining a women’s soccer league.

Let your body heal

Leave the hard daily workouts to the professional athletes. If you are going hard seven days a week you can expect to die out pretty quick. Keep a balance by hitting the pavement two, three or four times a week rather than starting out too fast and dying out. Give your body a couple of break days to heal and recharge for the next session.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Did we mention sleep? Getting enough sleep will keep your body healthy and charged. So go to bed when the kids do and wake up feeling refreshed rather than frustrated that you are once again, overtired.

Take a Sick Day

If you are feeling under the weather, take the week off. Your body is trying to tell you something so listen up! There is no point in making yourself sicker or straining your body any further which could result in even more time off and a bad injury.

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