The Dog Ate My Running Shoes

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The Dog Ate My Running Shoes

The team at SAHM have all jumped on the exercise bandwagon in one form or another. I know, go us! Some of our ladies are working with a personal trainer while others are pounding the pavement in an attempt to break away from the chaos at home. I, in a moment of insanity that will now haunt me for the next three months, have signed up for a triathlon.

Yes, I know, what the f*ck for?

Trust me, I ask myself the same question every day, and usually several times on training days. And let me tell you, it hasn’t been an easy ride so far (especially as my damned legs keep giving way when getting off the bike). I’ve spent far more time on my ass than any triathlete should, I have yet to figure out how not to piss myself when exercising for this long, and I have seriously used every single excuse in the book to try and get out of it and explain why things are just not going my way.

So whether you are in the middle of getting back in shape or are looking for ways to find that motivation to exercise, then this post is for you. Exercising, especially after kids, is tough shit. But it’s also worth all the bumps, the aches, the pains and the sweat-stained lyrca shorts in the end. Or so I have been told.

the dog ate my running shoes | stay at home mumGive Up the Excuses

My first month of training didn’t go so well. It turns out that taking five years off in the fitness world means you are basically starting from scratch. My four year old was running laps around me. I attempted three runs a week and all ended up with me huffing, puffing and walking home mad at myself and blaming my surroundings.

I blamed the dog. She was too slow. So I left the dog at home. And I still ended up walking home swearing under my breath.

I blamed my shoes. They were hurting my feet and making me slow. So I bought an expensive new pair. Didn’t make a bloody difference, except I had a nice new pair of shoes to look at as I walked home, swearing under my breath.

I blamed the time of the day. It’s too hot to run at 5:00 at night. So I started running at 6:00 in the morning. Same shit. Same result. Same swear words.

After the first month I stopped trying to push myself to where I thought I should be. I started running slower and stopped trying to find the excuses I needed. Truth was, I needed to start from the beginning. No bullshit. And once I trained my mind to think like this, it got easier, it got enjoyable, and, it got me to the finish line without walking or swearing.

Find Your Motivation

We all have something that pushes us to keep going. The key is to find it. Some people find it necessary to update their status every time they go to the gym or complete a training session (you know who you are!) and if this keeps them going, then why not. Others have a certain goal weight or pair of jeans they want to fit into by a certain date.  You may find that working out with a friend or joining a team will keep you motivated. Play around with what makes you excited about a training or fitness session. Here are some suggestions:

  • An awesome playlist
  • Working out with a friend
  • Setting a goal for the near future
  • An old photo of yourself
  • A picture of your kids
  • An occasion coming up (wedding perhaps)

Switch it Up

I find that trying something new (especially something that involves other people watching you like group classes or team sports) can be intimidating. However, running the same route over and over again is going to cause anyone to want to stay home.  For the first month I only ran around the track by my house (and blamed the hardness of the bitumen for making me slow). I wasn’t ready to face the popular running tracks in fear of other runners stopping me to ask if I was having a baby due to my laboured breathing. Once I got my fitness levels and confidence up, however, I got off the beaten track, and it was a lot easier to stay focused and interested.

If you find yourself getting a little bored of your exercise routine, step outside the comfort zone and look into a different activity. Consider activities like tennis, squash, martial arts, swimming, Futsal or Netball. What did you enjoy doing as a kid? This is a good way to decide what activities might interest you.

the dog ate my running shoes | stay at home mumShop 

You can’t be an athlete without the gear. Or so I keep telling myself every time I buy something “essential’ for the tri. Indulge in some new workout clothes and toss the daggy sweats away. Hopefully you will want to wear them out and this can be incentive enough to get off your ass and get out there.

Training for me isn’t over. It’s so far from over that it hurts to even think about what’s in store. The big day is three months away but I can genuinely say that I no longer fear training days. I actually look forward to them. I still ache after. I still haven’t mastered this whole “not peeing” thing. And I still haven’t managed to put the swim, bike and run together without vomiting on my shoes or falling over.

But I will.

And I won’t even blame the dog in the meantime.

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