Up In Smoke

So, you want to give up smoking? You’ve tried to once or twice before, but the cigarettes still found their way back to you. And now you’re thinking about trying again….

Up In Smoke | Stay at Home MumHere are some facts to think about:-

  • Every day, another 40 Australians die from a smoking related illness.
  • Tobacco smoke has over 5,000 chemicals in it.
  • Women smokers have their fertility reduced, and men may become impotent.
  • Smoking ages you quickly; the nicotine stains your teeth and your fingers. And your hair, breath and clothes will smell too.
  • Even if you decided to cut down, there is a very strong risk that you will end up smoking as much or more than you did earlier. If you get down to 10-15 cigarettes per day, seriously consider quitting altogether.

So now that you’ve decided to stop smoking, here are some tips for you!

  • When are you most likely to smoke? What emotions are you likely to be feeling?  Plan a strategy to help yourself cope without a smoke. Ie – if your trigger is talking on the phone, then plan to chew some gum instead.
  • Add up what smoking costs you each week, multiply it by 52, and then consider what you could do with that money.

Controlling the cravings:–

  • Get some support, maybe a family member or a friend, and call or visit them.
  • Remember why you wanted to quit in the first place, write them on a card and carry that in your wallet.
  • Give yourself a pep-talk.
  • Picture yourself as a healthy non-smoker.
  • Think the craving away – recite a poem.
  • Imagine yourself winning the lottery.
  • Deep breathe.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Use the 4 ‘D’s’ – Delay having a smoke for 5 minutes. Deep breathe, in slowly and deeply, and then breathe out slowly. Do this 3 times. Drink water – sip it slowly, concentrating on the taste and feel of it. Add some lemon and ice if you like. Do something different that will take your mind off of the craving.

Withdrawal will be a bitch!

  • If you feel restless, tense, shaky or angry; try deep breathing, relaxation exercises, something physical (go for a walk), listen to music, have a bath.
  • If you’re having trouble sleeping; try to relax, have a bath, listen to music, have a hot milk drink and add some Milo or honey, exercise during the day.
  • If you’re feeling sad; give yourself time, relax, go for a walk, listen to music or have a bath, do something physical, see your doctor or health worker.
  • If you’re constipated or have diarrhea, drink lots of water, and increase your intake of fruit, vegetables and cereals.
  • Trouble focusing; make lists, do something easy.
  • Coughing, tight throat; drink water, use a throat lozenge, give it time.
  • Hunger, weight gain; eat less fat and sugar, drink more water, exercise.

Ways to quit.

How you quit smoking is up to you!  And really, it’s whatever works best for you.

  • Cold turkey is one way to do it – it works for many people. But, plan it so that you are prepared to cope with the triggers, cravings and withdrawals.
  • Delay the time between smokes longer and longer over time, and then you will be able to seriously consider quitting.
  • Cut down your smokes. If you are a heavy smoker, try smoking 5 less per day for a week, then another 5 the following week and so on. Then quit!
  • Consider nicotine replacement therapy.  Please talk to your doctor or chemist first, as it is not for everyone. There are a number of alternatives available; nicotine chewing gum, lozenges and tablets; nicotine patches; inhalers; prescription medications; ecigarettes.

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Coralie is an older stay at home mum and grandmother, her builder husband works full time, they run a farm between them and she loves looking after her grandchildren!


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