Vampire Facials for Your Vagina are Supposedly a Thing

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Vampire Facials for Your Vagina are Supposedly a Thing

Vampire facials – a gruesome beauty trend popularised by Kim Kardashian – aren’t just for your face anymore, you can now get one on your vagina.

I admit I’m a bit squeamish and likely to pass out at the sight of blood, so if you’re like me, then the thought of doing this to your face, let alone your hoo-haa, will leave you dry-heaving. But here goes anyway, because you guys need to know this, if only so I can share the pain around a little.

The procedure, also known as a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial involves taking a few dessert spoons of a person’s own blood from their arm. It’s then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma – the clear yellow part – from the red and white blood cells.

The blood is then injected into the face, sometimes combined with dermal fillers and applied to problem areas such as under the eyes. Supposedly, this procedure will plump and hydrate your skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen with fresh blood cell production.

If you missed it, and how I envy you if you did, a year or so back, Kim Kardashian attempted to break the internet once more by posting a photo of herself on Instagram with blood all over her face, having just undergone the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma

I’ve seen the vampire facial being likened to putting fertiliser on a garden… and now you can actually “fertilise” your lady garden with your own platelet rich plasma.

A similar technique is being used by some women on their vaginas, and it is claimed that it boosts libido and strengthens orgasms.

The procedure, sometimes known as a Rejuvula, works by supposedly tightening and plumping up vaginal walls and promoting sensitivity of the G-spot.

A Rejuvula involves injecting platelet rich plasma into vaginal tissue. As well as promising increased sensation, there are also supposed health benefits such as helping women who suffer pain during sex and reducing urinary incontinence.

According to The Daily Mail, the procedure takes around 30 minutes, and involves a small amount of local anaesthetic being injected just below the clitoris, before the platelet rich plasma is injected into the entrance of the vagina in the upper wall. It then pads out slack skin and renews damaged nerves.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Some women supposedly report an initial arousal response that settles down as the platelet rich plasma becomes more active three weeks later.

Recipients are advised they should have three sessions over a five month period to get the best results, and then they need to have yearly maintenance top-ups.

The paper quoted mother-of-four, Nina Howell, who had the procedure who had a slew of hang-ups about her vag’s appearance and functioning:

“I delivered twin girls in 2012, a baby boy in 2013 and a second son in 2014, so it was a concern that I was too loose.

‘All of my children were delivered vaginally, but I also had a large episiotomy, which resulted in a lot of painful scar tissue. 

‘Similarly, I had stress incontinence and I’ve long been bothered by the appearance of my labia, so it seemed like the best treatment for me.’

Nina said the injections hurt, but it was worth it.

‘The injections to numb the treatment areas were fairly painful, I won’t lie. But, after that, I suffered no discomfort whatsoever. And already I feel much confident down there… just for addressing the issues which upset me.

Source: Daily Mail

Would you have this procedure done to your vagina?

Vampire Facials for Your Vagina are Supposedly a Thing

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