How To Plan Your Dream Marquee Wedding

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How To Plan Your Dream Marquee Wedding

I’ve only been to a couple of marquee weddings and I can definitely say there’s something unique about it.

Is it because of the view? The food? The super extra decor that looks like a photo on Pinterest? I’m not sure but it’s definitely more unique than most weddings!

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Now, planning for a wedding is a big job in itself, but if you’re aiming to pull off a perfectly fab marquee wedding, there are 8 parts you need to pay the most attention to:

1. Venue

The great thing about a Marquee Wedding is that the venue can be anywhere! All you need is some space, and of course, a wedding marquee.

All you need is some space. It can be at your hometown, at a place that is special to both of you or pick somewhere with a gorgeous view. Check out this list of gorgeous wedding locations in Australia!

How To Plan Your Dream Marquee Wedding I Stay at Home Mum
How To Plan Your Dream Marquee Wedding | Stay At Home Mum

2. Weather

Whatever your theme is, you will always need to consider the weather. It is much more important when you’re planning a marquee wedding. If it’s going to rain on the day, make sure you are prepared. It will be wiser to get a bigger tent so everyone can stay inside and party indoors just in case it pours.

Rain on your wedding can dampen your day, but you’ll survive! Just embrace it and don’t forget to smile. Who knows, a photo of you in the rain might be your most favourite one out of it all.

3.Tent and View

There are several types of tents available for you to use. You can opt for a Tipi, a Naked Tipi, a Bell Tent, a Classic Marquee Tent, a Sail Cloth Tent and a Yurt. If the weather forecast says there’s a high chance of rain on your wedding day, opt for a tent with closed sides like the Yurt or Marquee. A clear type tent also lets you enjoy the gorgeous view while you’re all indoors – and yes.. even when it’s raining.

4. Bride

With a marquee wedding, the bride’s gown should be comfy as possible as there will be lots of moving (And dancing) around! Pick something with a skirt that will be easy to manage in case of unexpected situations (like rain or wind!)

5. Groom

The great thing about a marquee wedding is that you can be as laid back and comfy with your style. Check out the groom’s outfits in the photos below…

6. Entourage

Formal but laid-back is the look you are going for!

7. Decor

With a Marquee wedding, you can pull off any theme you want. Think of the tent as a plain canvas and you are in charge of creating something out of it. Be creative and look up lots of tutorials or fab ideas (like this post)!

8: Food and Drinks

The food and drinks will vary on the bride and groom’s taste. The question is, how will you present it? Check out these awesome ideas:

Do you have more tips on how to plan a fabulous Marquee Wedding?

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How To Plan Your Dream Marquee Wedding | Stay at Home Mum

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