How To Throw A Cheeky Naughty Virtual Hen’s Night

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How To Throw A Cheeky Naughty Virtual Hen’s Night

With our lives put on hold right now, I’m sure you’re wondering how to throw a memorable hen’s night for the bride-to-be while we’re advised to remain in isolation.

How can one actually pull off a cheeky naughty virtual hen’s night? Well, thanks to the internet, it’s actually doable.

***Since rules vary throughout Australia, find out what your state allows. Every state has a slightly different way of enforcing physical distancing so make sure to include that when planning***

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How Does A Virtual Hen’s Night Work?

First, you need to conspire with someone the bride lives with.

If this does not apply to your case, you can sleep over the bride’s place the day before the bachelorette party takes place.

Not everyone will be there at the party but 1-2 people should be present to organise all the details.

Next, agree on a 1. date, 2. time and 3. which platform you will be using to log in and see each other online.

The easiest and most-used options include: Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Make sure to collect their email addresses or user IDs so you can invite everyone ahead of time.

Have the ladies will log into the virtual hen’s night at a time you all agreed on – preferably a time when you, the bride and the ladies can have some alone time at their own homes. Because who goes to hen’s night with kids and hubbies tagging along, right?

Virtual Hens Night Invites:

The person (or people) organising the hen’s night should be the one to send the hens night invitations at least a week before the event. It should include the ff information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • The theme
  • What platform to use
  • Instructions on how and where to send their gifts
  • RSVP

You can create a group message on Facebook or any other social media platform and add the girls there. If you want to be fancier, you can create an invitation card and send it through message or email. You can also opt to set up a Facebook event or you can check out these online programs that send out beautiful invites: Paperless Post, Minted and Punchbowl.

Here is some great hen’s night invite examples:

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767dd1f45c7d6cb15e9f46f2eadf6d40 | Stay at Home
cf8b6f2835ca40296408a37799b0721b | Stay at Home
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Hen’s night: What To Wear (Trendy Themes):

We can’t really go out much these days and even if we can, we can’t always wear our fancy clothes, right? Well then make this as an excuse! Not only should we do this for the bride to be, but we should also take it as some me time. Dress up, put on some makeup, and fix your hair.

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Some trendy themes this year that you can use for the virtual hen’s night.

Animal Prints

c2557967f9ac174b5476b282f549e758 | Stay at Home


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c237b3df0f96c3d26c2514f7120c7048 | Stay at Home

Faux Fur

Blank NYC faux fur boxy jacket | ASOS

Something Sparkly

Chic Me | Women's Clothing, Dresses, Bodycon Dresses $26.99
via Pinterest


32a3bb45593d72f5a6de33eae59bcf65 | Stay at Home


ASOS DESIGN Curve floral shirt & pant pyjama set in 100% modal | ASOS


3b7e618eeaadc13b63476b9331a39eeb | Stay at Home


08262a5bd743d4afef39450790796621 | Stay at Home

Games and Activities:

Penis Playdough

Prepare whatever you need and ready, set, sculpt penises of different shapes and colours.

416f14e6e230fc77268f66502db66a80 | Stay at Home

Dirty Minds

It starts with C ends with T. Hairy, round, delicious and contains white liquid that you can lick off and eat. Answer: Coconut

You have to touch me to turn me on. Answer: Radio (or any gadget, machine)

I am dark and hairy. The bigger I am, the louder you scream. Answer: Spider

I come in many shapes, colours and sizes. When you blow me, I feel good and satisfied. Answer: Nose

It starts with F and ends with K. If you can’t get me, you have to use your hand. Answer: Fork

P S E N I – Use these letters to spell out a word that describes something that has natural curves. Answer: Spine

I am often the first thing you put in your mouth. When you are done with me, you spit. Answer: Toothbrush

Squeeze and I come out, fast, white and creamy. If you wait too long, it will be hard to wipe me off. Answer: Glue

Invite A Special Guest

What’s a hen’s night without a strip show???



magicmenaustralia 84337970 527077397971652 6511518523028548895 n | Stay at Home
Magic Men Australia


Australia’s most anticipated men are heating up the town… Magic Men’s “FEEL THE MAGIC” showcases it’s most talented male strippers in a heart-stopping live performance. Featuring the guys from MAGIC MEN, this one of a kind stage show tears up the stage with hot hunks, smooth moves and lighting spectacle guaranteed to make it a girls night out to remember. Voted Australia’s BEST MALE DANCE GROUP, find out what makes this the best strip show in Melbourne

Nude Drawing Class

Artistic or not, have fun with drawing your special guest. Who cares if your drawing turns out crap? You’re staring at art anyway *wink*

magicmenaustralia 89376512 202227444332887 2836241810464672379 n | Stay at Home
Magic Men Australia


Dirty Bitch Soap

outliving dirty b tch novelty glitter soap yellow octopus | Stay at Home

Pete The Plush Penis

Yellow Octopus Plush | Stay at Home

Something Sexy and Satin

Ann Summers Cherryann Chemise | Simply Be
– via ASOS

Happily Ever After Robe

Hunkemoller Happily Ever After satin bridal kimono in white | ASOS
via ASOS

McLovin’ Cork Screw

Yellow Octopus ThumbsUpUK McLovin Bottle Opener | Stay at Home

A large ass wine glass

yellow octopus giant wine glass holds 3 bottles yellow octopus | Stay at Home

Bride Shirt

1 33871ec79d 009 lady 123t black | Stay at Home


Hunkemoller Brittany lace thong body in red | ASOS
via ASOS

More on Lingerie: Where To Buy Affordable Lingerie Online

Finally, a few more tips to pull off the perfect virtual hen’s night…

Log in half an hour before the event in case some techinical difficulties occur.

Great music is a must to set the mood.

Prepare a drink of your choice.

Say a word or two for a toast for the bride-to-be.

Make the most of the night and have fun.

Remember that it’s the thought that counts.

Even if a virtual hen’s night isn’t as good as the real thing, but this experience will definitely be memorable so enjoy!

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