I’m Addicted To My Cellphone…This Parody of Drake's Hotline Bling will make you laugh and think

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How Addicted Are You?

Watch this video from MyLifeSuckers.com and find out how much if this rings true (hahahaha, see what I did there?)

Stay at home mum

Totes hilarious!

This video has garnered a lot of positive comments not only because it is crazy funny but because it is also true!

Are You Addicted To Your Cellphone? Most of us will answer yes to this question, whether we admit to it publicly or not.


Going to the bathroom? Distracting kids from meltdowns? Not even looking on the way because you’re too focused on your phone? Sounds familiar, huh.

Smartphones have taken over our lives. What’s worse is that WE ARE ALLOWING IT.

We may find this issue petty, but in reality, we are addicted to our gadgets and it is affecting our relationships. Our friends, our family. Do we still have time to pay attention to them?

I'm Addicted To My Cellphone.. - Stay at Home Mum

We are in an era of high technology, but our communication and people skills are becoming weaker.

It’s no secret that mobile phones has greatly impacted our lives. It has changed the way we think and the way we spend our time. Entertainment, news, how tos and DIYs…even advice on health, medicine and many more. With smart phones, the world is on the palm of our hands.

But is it worth it?

Does this song feel like it’s about your life?

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