32 Fictional Bad Gals and Guys We All Secretly AdoreCome on, admit it. Everyone loves a Tart!

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Got your attention there? Good. Because I absolutely LOVE to watch the bad girl or guy on TV and movies.

Admit it: the bad one is the one that you always remember. Have you ever noticed that? I think it’s because of their strong personalities that make them shine – sometimes even unintentionally outshining the protagonists! Coupled with wit, humour, and just the right level of sassiness, the tarts and the bad ones are some of the most unforgettable characters.

32 Fictional Bad Gals and Guys We All Secretly Adore

Here are some of the best fictional bad girls and guys that we love to hate because they “got around.”

1. Nina Van Horn – Just Shoot Me!

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
Via thedrugofthenation.com

Why she’s a tart: A former model and movie star, she’s a proud groupie who claims to have slept with Mick Jagger. She also has a daughter whom she gave up for adoption.

Why we love her: First, she’s the fashion editor at Blush. Second, after reuniting with her daughter and finding out that said daughter has a teenage daughter herself, she proudly accepts being a grandmother.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

2. Jason Stackhouse – True Blood

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
Via fanpop.com

Why he’s a tart: He used to be the town’s local womaniser, enough said.

Why we love him: Despite his flaws (read: womanising habits and having slow-wit), he always strives to improve himself. Also, he stopped his womanising ways when he marries microbiologist Brigette.

Via giphy.com
Via giphy.com

3. Brooke Logan – The Bold and the Beautiful

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
Via villains.wikia.com

Why she’s a tart: She follows her libido heart way more often than her head, which results to her breaking up marriages – her own and within her family – too many times.

Why we love her: Her affairs made Stephanie Forrester her sworn enemy who planned and orchestrated Brooke’s rape attack. But when Stephanie was dying of cancer, Brooke was the one who stayed with her to support her.

Via Tumblr
Via Tumblr

4. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
Via thebarney.tumblr.com

Why he’s a tart: Like Jason Stackhouse, Barney is a serial womaniser. He once made a promise that he would sleep with 200 girls, which he fulfils.

Why we love him: Apart from his impeccable sense of style and amazing sense of humour, despite his womanising ways, he’s actually a very kind, caring, and thoughtful friend. Legen….wait for it….dairy!

Via rebloggy.com
Via rebloggy.com

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