32 Fictional Bad Gals and Guys We All Secretly Adore (Page 4)Come on, admit it. Everyone loves a Tart!

19. The Red Woman – Game of Thrones

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: She is one sexy woman who literally plays with fire. And she also gives birth to a creature, Shadow, that basically wreaks havoc in the kingdom.

Why we love her: She is very persuasive (read: manipulative), and from a slave, she was able to rise and become an adviser to the royals. Really, how often does that happen?

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20. Mark Sloan – Grey’s Anatomy

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why he’s a tart: Derek Shepherd was almost like his brother, but when Derek’s marriage was crumbling, Mark “McDreamy” Sloan did what any best friend would do and slept with Derek’s wife. 

Why we love him: Not only was he smoking hot, he was one of the most competent surgeons around. So if you don’t mind the flirtatiousness and the “man-whore-ish” ways, yeah, he’s a good guy. Also, he was a good father.

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Via Tumblr

21. Jen Lindley – Dawsons Creek

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: She lost her virginity at 12 (12!) and slept around and had a lot of boyfriends, and, at one point, even fell in love with Joey Potter.

Why we love her: Jen had a rough life, and you can’t really help but feel sorry for her. She never found true love and was even abandoned by the dad of her child, but despite these, she proved herself to be one great mum and woman.

Via buzzfeed.com
Via buzzfeed.com

22. Catherine Tramell – Basic Instinct

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: It’s not enough that she has had many affairs with a lot of people, both men and women; she has to kill most of them in the end.

Why we love her: She’s rich (though it’s speculated that she herself killed her parents to get the inheritance), she’s lovely and super intelligent, and she turns her murders to best-selling novels.

Via simplybe.co.uk
Via simplybe.co.uk

23. Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why he’s a tart: Self-obsessed, narcissistic, and self-absorbed – wait, they all mean the same thing – Chuck Bass has a lot of bad habits, which include seducing girls.

Why we love him: Still dapper and dashing, Chuck shows (albeit grudgingly) his soft side when he learns to care for his step-mother and step-family and falls in love with Blair Waldorf.

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24. Regina George – Mean Girls

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why she’s a tart: Regina George is the ultimate mean girl and Queen Bee. She uses girls and boys through manipulation and is used to always getting what she wants. She doesn’t have friends; she has worker bees.

Why we love her: After her freak accident getting hit by the school bus, Regina George actually changes and pursues the one thing that is perfect for her personality: sports.

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25. Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Best Fictional Sluts | Stay At Home Mum
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Why he’s a tart: For starters, he’s a cheater and slept with another girl when he had another girlfriend. He’s had several short-lived affairs and admits he likes hentai.

Why we love him: Despite being more mischievous and immature than his younger brother, he is very understanding, compassionate, and protective.

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