Murder Mystery Themed Parties

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Murder Mystery Themed Parties

Looking for a fun evening with friends? Then why not consider a murder mystery themed party? Murder mystery parties give you the chance to leave reality for a few hours and become a completely different person. If you love dressing up and taking on a new persona and are up for the challenge, then this can provide a great night in with friends. Below are the basics on hosting a murder mystery themed party:

How it Works

Every game is different but, in general, one person will be killed and one person will be the murderer. The guests will all be in character depending on the game.  It is up to the guests to determine who the murderer is. There are typically three or four different rounds. The first round will require guests to mingle and have certain tasks. Guests will be required to keep in character all night long and they may be required to say certain things to certain guests or perform certain gestures as part of the mystery. In the second round the victim is usually revealed. The third round guests will need to do more mingling and put together clues to determine who done it. They will then take a stab at who the killer is. In the fourth round guests will receive an envelope with a script to read to everyone which will reveal their motive for wanting the victim dead and whether or not they did it.

Planning Ahead

The good thing about murder mystery parties is that, while they do take time to plan, the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is purchase a game on the internet which will come with all the various list of characters and all you need to plan the perfect party. However, once you have all the paperwork you will need to choose who gets what role. This can be the fun part.  You may wish to make your friends step outside their comfort levels or you may wish to choose parts that are quite similar to your friend’s true personality. For example, one character may be a fashion designer which would be perfect for your fashionista friend, but it could also be funny to watch a not-so-fashion-savvy friend play this role. Try to choose roles that everyone will be happy with and will be willing to play. The game you choose will depend on how many people are taking part in the party. You will need at least 8 people and there are games designed for as many as 50 guests.

Setting the Stage

You may also want to include decorations for your party. Dimming the lights, placing candles around the dinner table and providing soft music can all create a more mysterious element to your party. Make sure you also have a plan in regards to feeding your guests as most murder mystery parties focus on a dinner setting.  You may ask that each guest bring a dish to the table to make it a little easier on the host.

Getting into Character

The best part about a murder mystery party, regardless of what role you play is that you get to step outside your traditional roles in life and become someone else. Trying to stay in character can be hard but it can also be hilarious! Put in the effort to find a great costume or hire one. Resist the urge to discuss real life with your friends at the party and instead think like your character. Yes, it can be a challenge but if everyone stays in character, the night can provide many unexpected surprises and laughs along the way.

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