Pop-Up Weddings Are The Next Big ThingHere's What You Need To Know and Some Tips For Having Your Own

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Weddings are always fun, and not just for the bride and groom but for their family and friends.

Unfortunately they can also be expensive, stressful and time-consuming.

Enter the pop-up wedding. A solution to all that’s wrong with traditional weddings, pop-up weddings are simple, compressed celebrations of your love for your partner. They come with all the style you’d expect from your nuptials, but very little hassle.

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What Are Pop-Up Weddings?

A pop-up wedding is no different from a traditional wedding. It still involves two people who have fallen in love and want to take the next step into their relationship. It’s still legal, and it’s rapidly growing in popularity. A venue is provided by a pop-up wedding organiser on a certain date and a number of couples are married on the same day. Don’t worry though, it’s not like a mass wedding, each ceremony is separated by an hour, and it’s all completely private.

via www.les-ateliers-du-mariage.com
via www.les-ateliers-du-mariage.com

How Are They Different From Traditional Weddings?

Pop-up weddings are different from traditional weddings in a number of ways. For one they involve a much smaller window of celebrating, usually just a few hours, sometimes even less than that. It’s just enough to fit in the ceremony, leaving the couple to organise the after-party. They also usually have smaller guest lists, so they’re easier to organise. Basically they’re like a cool mini-wedding, giving you all the things you want to experience on your wedding day, but smaller. Also the couple have to choose a pop-up wedding organiser who will organise the venue, and the date, for them.

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