How to Reach Your Goals for 2015 | Make this Year Your Best Year Yet

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How to Reach Your Goals for 2015 | Make this Year Your Best Year Yet

Let’s face it – Christmas is all about indulging: indulging in delicious treats; indulging in beautiful meals; indulging in great company; indulging in delightful gifts. And often, come January, we all feel a little bit guilty. Fitness and healthy eating often get cast aside for the month of December and guess what? That’s super okay.

But, come January, if you want to get into more of a healthy routine and kick those Chrissie kilos, then the i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is EXACTLY what you need!

Recently, our friends, guest bloggers and inspirational My Kitchen Rules superstars Carly and Tresne completed the i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, taking advantage of the meal and exercise plans as well as the included i’MFit Activity Tracker  to keep track of their exercise, eating and sleeping habits. And the results they achieved are nothing short of spectacular.

Carly & Tresne: Before and After the i'MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge
Carly & Tresne: Before and After the i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge


Starting Weight: 65.1kg
Current Weight: 59kg
Total Weight Lost = 6.1kg

Overall body measurement cm’s lost = 68cm


Starting Weight: 49.9kg
Current Weight: 47.1
Total Weight Lost = 2.8kgs

Overall body measurements cm’s lost =44cm

We are so proud of our gals and it has inspired our offices to give the i’MFit Activity Tracker  a go starting in 2015 as part of the I’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.


What are your Goals for the New Year?

im fit product shotEveryone has different goals for the New Year. You may want to lose weight; you may want to feel better emotionally; you may want to eat healthier; you may want to have more energy throughout the day. Whatever your goals, the i’MFit Activity Tracker can help you get there.

The i’MFit Activity Tracker is an activity tracker that is worn on your wrist. It uses motion sensors to track your movements and your steps throughout the day. But it can also track your diet, the distance you have walked/run/etc, the calories you have burnt, your sleep and your overall health.

The i’MFit Activity Tracker is a perfect Christmas present for family or friends that want to get healthier and reach their New Year’s resolutions of getting fit in 2015. It retails at $99 and is available separately online or as part of the i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.


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8 Weeks to a New You | How to Stay Motivated

Finding the motivation to exercise, eat right and to get healthy can be tricky. Exercising with others, using a personal dietician or signing up to a program are three easy ways to overcome the loss of motivation. i’MFit’s 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge provides you with all three!

The i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is a  program carefully designed by Accredited Practising Dietician and leading Nutritionist David Finnin and designed to help you kick start your weight loss goals and significantly improve your health. The beauty of the i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is that your program is catered to your individual needs. With the program, which is only $330, you will get:

  • The i’MFit Activity Tracker (rrp $99)
  • i’MFiT 8 Week Eating Plan catered to your food preferences and eating requirements
  • 3 Phone Consultations with a qualified nutritionist via Skype or phone
  • Daily checklists and food diary forms to keep you on track
  • Unlimited email support from your dietician

Join others who are taking part in the challenge and stay motivated. The next Challenge starts in February so stop feeling guilty about indulging at Christmas and sign up today to make 2015 your best year yet!

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Will I Get the Results?

Sticking to your goals inevitably comes down to you, but any extra pushes will help you get there. The Challenge is catered to every individual’s needs but Carly and Tresne are both more than pleased with their results (and so they should be seriously girls, these results are incredible!)

Carly After

Carly:This Challenge has changed my life. I can now fit into clothes that haven’t fit since before going on My Kitchen Rules. I’ve had a great time using the I’MFit devices. The Activity Tracker has been amazeballs at counting my steps, the kids think I’m crazy walking around the classroom trying to get my  ‘step count’ up. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done.’



Tresne AfterTresne:  ‘I’ve had the best time throughout this challenge! I’ve seen both of our bodies transform. Using the I’MFit products has made it much easier to track my progress, either counting my steps throughout the day or tracking how many calories I’ve burnt using the heart rate monitor while exercising. It’s been a great transformation.’

We’d love to hear your own personal story with the i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. If you are planning on taking part, let us know in the comments below and please, share your results. We would love to feature anyone who has taken the challenge or would like to join as part of our upcoming New Year New You segment. 



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