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Ever received a random text from either someone in error or a complete stranger? Or one of those crazy scam text messages hoping to fleece you of your hard earned cash via a text message? We’ve all been there. But responding to these guys is never going to end up all You’ve Got Mail on you. Usually, they are best just to ignore. But then we found this person’s response after obviously having had enough of their rubbish, who had replied to the scammer with one of the most hilarious responses we’ve seen here at SAHM!


If you do receive a missed call or text message from a number that you don’t recognise, it is usually best not to reply or call back. If somebody really wants to speak to you, they will call you back or leave you a voicemail message.What To Do When You Receive a Random Text

If it was just a friend or random person who has made a text blunder, what do you normally do? Here are some inspiring responses for next time you’re in that boat.

If you do reply to a scammer, it only shows that you are interested and you could then receive loads of similar messages and calls.

At scamwatch.gov.au they recommend that if you receive a text message which sounds like it’s from a friend but comes from a number that you don’t recognise—DO NOT reply. Check the number: Is it a premium number beginning with 19 or 190? Is the message signed? If it is, do you know anybody by that name?

Then, ask your friends whether they called you or sent you the text message.

SCAMwatch also suggest to try entering the 19 number into the 19SMS website to find out who owns that number.

Most importantly they advise that, if you still want to return a missed call or reply to a text message from an unknown number, you should be aware that some numbers have very high charges. You could also end up with a huge phone bill if you engage in a text message conversation with a number that charges you for messages sent as well as received, or if you dial a premium rate number.

If you have received such a call or text, or if you have returned the call or text and you now realise it is a scam, you can report it through the SCAMwatch website and to your phone company. Your telephone company may also be able to put a bar on premium rate services from and to your phone (190 numbers). You should also spread the word to your friends and family to protect them.What To Do When You Receive a Random Text

Top tips for Scam messages:

  • If you don’t know who sent it, or if the message is from a service or business you haven’t requested messages from, don’t respond.
  • Remind family members, especially children, that responding to text messages can incur charges that may be difficult to reverse. If you’re having a problem with this at home you can ask your mobile phone provider to block these charges and services on your devices.
  • Never click on web links in unsolicited text messages.What To Do When You Receive a Random Text

Have you ever been scammed by text message? How do you respond to random text messages from scams or others? Post your most hilarious responses below!

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