Strengthening Your Relationship

Strengthening Your Relationship | Stay at Home MumStrengthening Your Relationship

Strengthening  your relationship becomes even more important as your family grows. For years it was just you and your partner. You probably enjoyed long leisurely dinners, late movie dates and weekends when you didn’t even get out of bed. However, once you have kids that all changes. Suddenly there is someone more important than either of you and this bond that you once shared can be compromised. Keeping your relationship strong when your family is growing can be difficult. Below are some hints on how to keep the bond between you and your partner as strong as ever, even when you have a house full of kids.

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Reconnect with Old Memories

Nowadays life is probably filled with play dates, birthday parties and school concerts. However, try to think back to what you and your partner did before kids? Did you enjoying going out dancing at night? Did you like the take hiking trips together? Did you enjoy certain restaurants, bars and coffee houses? Why not try to revisit these things that you used to enjoy just the two of you? When you become parents it can be easy to lose the other parts of you that defined you as a couple. Explore your past hobbies and hopefully you will be reminded of why you fell in love in the first place.

Have a Meal Together

All relationship counsellors will tell you that if you and your partner feel like you are not connecting anymore, that you need to set up a date night. This is true but many parents simply don’t have the money to hire a babysitter and spend money on going out to dinner every week so they can reconnect. So, why not set up a dinner date at home? On Saturday, feed the kids early and plop them in front of the television. Then, set up a table set just for two and enjoy a late night dinner with your partner, without the kids throwing their pasta at each other or the conversation geared towards school outings, homework assignments and soccer schedules.

Write it Out

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Communication is important in any relationship but if it feels like every time you and your partner communicate, you end up getting into a fight, then you may not feel like doing much talking. When things are piling up, such as financial troubles, then it can make sense to bottle it up and try to put on a happy face for the sake of the kids. So, instead of starting a fight, why not write down how you feel and have your partner do the same? This can be a good exercise in understanding and help bridge the communication gap without raising your voice.

Get Help

Feel like your relationship is coming to an end? Before you take any drastic steps towards saying goodbye for good, consider counselling. There are several free resources available to help couples work through their problems and keep families together. Check with your state to see what resources are available to you and whether you qualify for free marriage counselling. Marriage is hard work. If you and your partner are going through a rough patch, then try not to go directly to the fast way out– divorce. When you have a family and a history together, there is often a way to get past the problems and to get back on the same page. You just need to work together, to focus on the future and to ask for assistance if need be. In most instances, keeping your family together is worth fighting for.

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