Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Whether it’s for your significant other, or an important couple in your life, it’s always nice to give thoughtful gifts on a wedding anniversary.

Over the years, certain themes have developed around what exactly should be given on anniversaries. But, some of these suggestions are” well, just a tad out of date.

Now, there’s no reason to abandon the traditional themes of a wedding anniversary milestone. But, that isn’t to say there aren’t some more modern twists that you could embrace with a new age.

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift: Paper

Modern Anniversary Gifts: Clocks

Paper is a versatile medium that translates well into the modern world. Consider giving a book, a board game, or an art print. You could also buy some tickets for a favourite event, or even write a love letter. Alternatively, book a photographic session, and pay for some prints.

  • Airline Tickets
  • Buy a Copy of a First Edition Book
  • Unique Art Print
  • Concert Tickets
  • Movie Tickets
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: Cotton

Modern: China

Another simple theme that provides a number of options for the second year is cotton. You could buy your partner clothes, some bed linens, a set of cotton towels, or even a nice rug for somewhere around the house.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: Leather

Modern: Crystal

Leather is a little bit more specific, and the range of gifts is much wider. For your partner, you could buy a leather jacket, or a nice pair of shoes. Alternatively, consider a leather wallet, or a watch with a leather band.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: Fruits & Flowers

Modern: Appliances

For guys looking to impress their ladies on their fourth anniversary, why not have a go at recreating the bridal bouquet? In general, it’s a nice idea to buy a hamper, enjoy some candied fruit, or even get your hands on some edible chocolate flowers!

Or kill two birds with one stone – a Fruit Juice Mixer (combined fruit and appliances!)

Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Mini Personal Fruit Juice Mixer (Stockist)

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Wood

Modern: Silverwear

There are so many classy options for this theme that fit into a modern gift. One that is exceptionally timeless is to plant a dedicated tree, with a plaque, in your backyard or donate one to the local botanical garden. You could also go out for a walk and/or a picnic in a local nature reserve, among the trees.

  • Porch Swing
  • New Timber Gazebo
  • Outdoor Timber Set
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Sugar

Modern: Wood

The sweetest gifts (literally) are the best for the sixth anniversary. Impress with a box of gourmet sweets, or take it a step further by getting six different kinds of chocolate for each year of the marriage.

  • A Box of Sweets
  • Bouquet of Chocolates
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Seventh Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Wool

Modern: Desk Sets

You no longer have to give away a sheep to fit the theme of wool in the seventh year. Instead, why not get a lovely woolen sweater, or a comfortable blanket, or throw in a favourite colour.

  • Personalised Blanket
  • Sweater
  • Scarf
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Eighth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Pottery

Modern: Linens or Lace

Pottery, when done right, is lovely and very modern so feel free to invest in a stylist pottery item. Or, you could take it a step further and buy a plant to put in a nice pot. Along with that, there is a growing trend towards pottery cookware (like tagines).

  • A Mini Garden at Your House
  • Do Pottery Together

1 1 | Stay at Home

Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Wicker

Modern: Leather

Is wicker really not a thing anymore? It’s questionable, but you can skip the outdated style by sticking with a modern classic: a delectable hamper in a wicker basket. Put the hamper together yourself, or buy it from a dedicated outlet, for an anniversary picnic.

  • Wicker Outdoor Set
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Tin or Aluminium

Modern: Diamond Jewellery

Another very traditional gift. It’s hard to think of any way to bring tin into a modern setting. But, if you’re keen to stick with tradition, buy a vintage tin online or at an antique shop and fill it with gourmet tea or coffee!

  • Tin Kitchenware
  • Use Tin Can as a Gift Box
  • Use Tin Can as a Plant Pot
  • Crafts Made of Tin or Aluminum
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Eleventh Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Steel

Modern: Fashion Jewellery

Steel might seem tricky, and it is to a certain degree. For him, think steel tools, sports gear, a watch. For the woman in your life, consider steel jewellery, a vase, or perhaps some new steel-inspired furniture for the house!

  • Stainless Steel Jewellery
  • Wrist Watch
  • Steel Kitchen Set
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Twelfth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Silk or Linen

Modern: Pearls

Silk is a great gift. Think silk pyjamas, silk ties, silk boxer shorts, silk scarf. Silk is gorgeous!

  • Clothes Made of Silk or Linen
  • Silk Lingerie
  • Blanket
  • Pillowcases
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Thirteenth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Lace

Modern: Textile Furs

Laces bring elegance and beauty to everything and they are really nice to look at because they are simple yet giving a cheerful environment for everyone. Another good thing about them is that they can be on anything, be it on a curtain, a dress, a picture frame, or a table cloth.

  • Lace Curtain
  • Lace Clothes
  • Lace Table Cloth
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Ivory

Modern: Gold Jewellery

Selling and buying ivories are illegal and banned to most countries because they are making the elephants, or any other animals with ivories, extinct. So instead of that, you can substitute bones for it. Because even though ivories are stronger than bones, they are both lovely!

  • Bone Jewelleries
  • Bone Picture Frame
  • Bone Pendant
  • Bone Keychain
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Crystal

Modern: Watches

We can’t deny that crystals add to the aesthetics of our home regardless of their fragility. So instead of buying crystal-made jewelry, which are also quite expensive, you can buy figurines made of crystals or glass, or a personalised laser-engraved crystal frame!

  • Crystal Figurines
  • Laser-Engraved Crystal Frame
0883 70 Preciosa Crystal Bear Couple with Heart | Stay at Home

Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: China

Modern: Platinum

Let’s skip ahead to the next big milestone, the twentieth, where china is the traditional gift of choice. There’s an easy, do-it-yourself way to fit the theme without giving something out of date. Just get a blank mug and some pottery pens and write your own personalised message!

  • Personalised Mug
  • China Tableware
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Silver

Modern: Silver

Not everyone is in a position to purchase something silver at the twenty-fifth anniversary mark, but there is another option. Take a piece that is already owned and have it professionally cleaned and engraved with a loving message.

  • Engrave a Loving Message on Your Silver Ring
  • Silver-Coloured Home Display
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Pearl

Modern: Diamond

For the thirtieth anniversary, pearls are the order of the day. Now, pearls aren’t everyone’s style, but you can embrace tradition by heading out for a dinner of oysters, and grabbing one of the many products available that are inlaid with mother of pearl.

  • Jewelleries Made of Sea Shells
  • Go to the Beach
  • Eat Oysters
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Thirty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Coral

Modern: Jade

Gifts shouldn’t always be objects. It’s the memory that stays forever after all. So instead of buying anything coral, you can choose to see the coral with your own eyes instead together with your spouse and make great memories together!

  • Green Objects
  • Scuba Dive and See Coral Reefs
  • Coral-Coloured Objects
  • Coral-Coloured Clothes
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Fortieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Ruby

Modern: Ruby

Not surprisingly, rubies are not on the shopping list of many couples, even if it is their fortieth anniversary. So, why not focus on colour instead of the actual stone? You can put together a bouquet of red roses, or treat them with a lovely bottle of red wine.

  • Bouquet of Red Roses
  • Bottle of Red Wine
  • Red Objects
  • Red Clothes
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Forty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Sapphire

Modern: Sapphire

Just like the ruby, you can opt to depend on the color rather than on the gemstone itself. Sapphire is blue, so you can buy any objects or clothes that are blue in colour. For example, a blue vase, a blue shirt, a pair of blue shoes, and so on.

  • Blue Objects
  • Blue Clothes
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Gold

Modern: Gold

One thing absolutely that hasn’t changed over time: gold is still expensive. On top of this budget issue, it doesn’t suit everyone’s style. So, the modern traditionalist opts for a delightful meal with edible gold flakes, a favourite/much needed gift wrapped in golden paper, or a bunch of golden flowers like tulips and sunflowers.

  • Delightful Meal with Edible Gold Flakes
  • Gift Wrapped in Golden Paper
  • Handmade Flowers Made of Gold Aluminum
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Diamond

Modern: Diamond

Diamonds are beautiful, but it’s not the kind of beauty that everyone can afford. On the sixtieth anniversary, there’s no need to spend too much because the most important thing is that you’re already there, and you’ve already proven your love for one another. So instead of going after the expensive, why not buy one of these?

  • Clothes with Diamond Print
  • Objects with Diamonds
  • Diamond-Shaped Objects
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Have you ever followed the theme in buying a wedding anniversary gift?

What did you buy?

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

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