Farmer Profile: Robyn Bryant

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Farmer Profile: Robyn Bryant

In an effort to build understanding and empathy amongst urban consumers about the role of farming and farmers, today we take a peek at what life’s like living on a farm..

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Full Name:  Robyn Bryant

Where is your farm: 

About half way between Mitchell & St George in Southern Inland Qld

What do you farm and why? 

Beef cattle, my husband Greg & I both love living and working in the outback and love the lifestyle we can provide for our family in rural Queensland.

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How long have you been farming for?

I grew up on a Cattle & Lucerne (pasture) property in Central Queensland.  After school I went on to study at the Emerald Agricultural College and after graduating I worked for the Department of Primary Industries.

I then married Greg and we purchased our property, so I suppose I have always been involved in the Agricultural industry. We have been living on our property for 9 years.

What aspect of farming are you most passionate about?

Growing a sustainable business and producing a world class product. This includes managing vegetation, improving herd quality and improving the paddock to plate traceability of beef.

Do you hope your children will take over one day? 

Absolutely!! We have 3 children, aged 2, 4 & 6, and we try to include them in every aspect of running our property. This includes water runs, mustering and decision making around selling cattle. We work hard everyday to grow a sustainable viable business that our children can be proud to be a part of.

What advances in farming have you seen in the last 10 years? 

There has been great work done around the influences on eating quality of beef, from how cattle are handled in the paddock all the way through to how it is cooked we can now guarantee great eating quality, so no excuses for a bad steak. The other area that has seen major advances is the traceability of cattle, from the National Livestock Identification System in the paddock all the way through to a restaurant identifying where an individual steak has come from!!!

Share a humorous story of something that has happened on the farm?

Greg was coming home from cricket one day and noticed a problem with a water trough. He headed home, grabbed a few tools and jumped on the motorbike to head back out to fix the problem (still wearing his cricket whites). He starting fixing the problem with an audience of onlooking cows. Next thing one cow came charging at him, he jumped up to get out of the way, tripped and ended up flat in the mud on the opposite side of the trough. It turned out the cow was protecting a new baby calf and saw Greg as a possible threat. Moral of the story Don’t fix a trough in your cricket whites and definitely don’t take them home for your wife to wash!!!!!

Animal/crop you are most proud of? 

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Our breeder cows we have mainly Brahman and Brahman cross cows (the ones with the hump) that are generally extremely quiet, however they are fiercely protective mothers. They will give everything to their calves meaning we end up with a quality, strong, healthy herd.

How do you hope the general public see you?

As we are responsible custodians of the land we manage! We are no different to anyone else we just choose to live and work in rural and remote areas. Just like a Doctor understands and knows about disease and patients, Farmers understand & know the land and animals they care for and manage.

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