School’s Out, So Is The Gym Out?

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School’s Out, So Is The Gym Out?

School holidays have thrown things into a bit of a spin in our house. Having my eldest son around a bit more has been wonderful and challenging, usually all in the same moment..and we have had many moments. Robbed of the structure of school and his 1001 after school activities (ok so it’s only three but it seems like more!) , he needs entertaining. It took me a couple of days for me to re-learn this. Given a bit of attention and time and a sprinkling of structure, the fights have subsided, the tantrums are over and we’re all having a great time. I’m enjoying my children, which is the way I want it to be.

Though, there is one thing I’ve had to take back. My workout time! So today, I went to a blissful hour of yoga and the kids went to the onsite childcare. This is a major step for me because for one reason or another,  but my kids haven’t been to childcare and when I have tried to leave the little guy somewhere in the past they have heard him screaming out in the carpark. Today was awesome, safe in big brother’s company, he barely batted an eyelid as I kissed him goodbye and slipped out the door.

Now everyone’s happy, I got to go to yoga and they got to play. I’ve learnt a valuable lesson today, it doesn’t have to be my needs or their needs. I can find ways of making it work so no one feels like they are missing out. I just need to plan things a little better now I have a new school holiday schedule.

Best of all, I made time for me. Which has made me happy, which means I’ll be a way better parent all day long.

So how do you find the time to exercise when you have little ones in tow?

Ask for help

School's Out, So Is The Gym Out

Ask granny and granddad if they can take the kids while you slip off to the gym. Don’t think of exercise as a luxury that you can do without, make it a priority. Talk to your partner and make sure they realise what’s going on, try “I’m going bloody crazy here” and just incase it’s not clear “it’s your turn, I’m going running”

Team up

Get together with another mum and take turns looking after the kids while the other one works out. The kids get to hang out and you get to work out, win, win.

Do your research

Some gyms run school holiday programs and offer some kind of child care for older, school-aged children up to a certain age. Find out what’s out there and take advantage of it.

Active lifestyle

Try and build in some outdoor activity each day. Get the kids together and go for a bike ride or run around on the beach or kick a footy. Even if you can’t get to your gym class you can still make sure you keep moving. When you go to the park, put your phone away and have races around the playground, climb some ropes, throw yourself over the scramble net, do a few pull ups on the bars.

How do you manage to keep up with your exercise schedule during school holidays?

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