Sex on Your Period – Yay or Nay?

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Sex on Your Period – Yay or Nay?

Having sex when you’re on your period is a very personal choice and it certainly isn’t for everyone.

I find at that time of the month, I’m extremely self-conscious because post-30, I go a whole week feeling like a dam just collapsed in my cervix. Very rarely do I go a night without blowing a sheet and as I clean up the crime scene, I contemplate whether a blood transfusion is necessary. How much blood can you actually lose without dying?

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The flow is really quite heavy for a good three days of that and as I change, I wonder how my body will adapt because I just gave birth to my liver. I’ve seen plenty of specialists who all diagnose me with age. Apparently, after children, combined with getting older, it’s quite normal to deliver a vital organ during your period. Can I still drink?

So yeah; this time of the month sucks for me. Aside from cheating death every time I sneeze, I cramp and bloat and my back hurts. But if I have to endure it, then so does my partner. Although I usually avoid the really heavy days, I honestly don’t think having my period is a reason not to have sex. I’m in a long term relationship and therefore super comfortable with my man and it’s something we’re both happy to indulge in and the benefits for me are all good.

So if you wanted to know whether having sex on your period is a good idea; I’d say yes, but I’ve given you a list of pros and cons just so you can weigh up the scenario for yourself.

1. Let’s start with the obvious — it’s messy

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You’d be surprised at the places your period blood can end up. With legs and arms flying everywhere, your rigorous love-making will get your period blood in spots you didn’t know you could reach. If you’re a bedroom-only kinda lover, I suggest a thick dark towel underneath you. Otherwise, the shower’s the best place to go for it. If you don’t do this, your crisp linen may look similar to a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre; but hey, maybe that’s your thing.

2. Limited sex positions

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In your attempt to reduce the flow of blood, you’re kind of limited to certain positions. Unless of course you don’t give a shit about the clean-up. Gravity is a bitch and therefore if you want to stem the blood stream, I suggest you stay on the bottom. Still plenty of fun can be had and you have an excuse to be a little lazy at the love-making. #werkitboy

3. The smell

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Period blood has its own smell. Some more pungent than others. It’s not a bad smell; but it’s definitely got its own unique aroma, which may make you feel a little self-conscious. Believe me when I say your man is unlikely to give a fuck. He’d rather that than blue balls and a three-day abstinence means he’ll be ready and willing to get a shot away regardless of the circumstances.

4. You can still get pregnant.

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Although your chances are low, you can still fall pregnant during your period. For woman with shorter cycles, around 21 days, the probability is slightly higher than those of us with 28 to 30 day cycles. Regardless, the risk is still apparent and despite the many myths we’ve heard, you can absolutely still conceive at this time of the month.

5. You’re susceptible to infection.

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During your period, your cervix opens and therefore, the risk of contracting disease or infection is a lot higher. It’s a good idea to use a condom even if you know your partner is STI-free. Just as your cervix allows the red river to run out, it has no mechanism to stop nasty little bugs from getting in. So be aware, be careful and use protection.

So now we have all the shitty reasons you really need to consider, what are the pros?

1. You’re horny.

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Most women on their period find they’re incredibly hornier than usual. Due to the hormone changes that take place during that time of the month, your libido will increase and so will your sensitivity. Just because Captain Bloodsnatch has come to visit doesn’t mean your needs shouldn’t be met. So grab your first mate and play like a pirate.

2. It relieves cramping.

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When you reach the big ‘O’ your body releases endorphins that help relieve cramps. If for no other reason to have sex on your period, this should be the reason you do. It’s better than any pain relief medication and gives you instant respite to the fit of rage your uterus is playing out in your pelvis.

3. Natural lubrication.

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You’re already hornier than a rabbit during mating season; so you can get right to it if you want. You don’t require a lot of foreplay during your period because the blood will act as a natural lubrication. No need to dig deep into the toy box for your jiggy juice; your monkey’s all greased up ‘au naturel’ style.

4. It can shorten the length of your period.tenor 2 1 | Stay at Home

Seriously, who doesn’t want this? If there’s a way to reduce the length of time my vagina conspires against me; I’m down. I feel like my period is out to ruin my fucking life. It’s like that alcoholic uncle no-one invites to Christmas. The prick shows up anyway, eats all the food, outstays his welcome and manages to piss everyone off. During an orgasm, your muscles spasm aiding to run your red river dry earlier. #winning

5. Deeper level of intimacy.

Having sex on your period isn’t something I’d indulge in with just anyone. But; if you’re in a long term relationship or super comfortable with your partner, it can be an extremely intimate experience. Your man will see you at your most vulnerable and be grateful you are open enough to share it with him.

So that’s it.

I personally think the pros definitely outweigh the cons, but the decision is yours to make.

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My only word of advice is, if you’re like me and also suffer with tender breasts during your period, ease up on the nipple play. I love a good tit grab, but it’s no fun when your melons are swollen. Plus, I sprout more nip hair than a werewolf during this time of the month. I limit breast exposure so my man doesn’t feel like he’s bro banging and keep my bra on during homicide love-making.

Otherwise, go for it. Your alternative is anal, so in comparison, a bit of blood is better than a shower of shit.


Sex on Your Period - Yay or Nay

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