75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight

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75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight

There’s something about shopping that makes me feel all kind of things.

I mean, I’m a mum now but seeing that bright sale sign makes me feel like a little girl on the first day of school! Or that feeling when your pay goes into your account – those feels…but better!

Shopping is definitely therapeutic. But whenever I shop at Spotlight, I suddenly have this weird behaviour…..something just takes over and I can’t stop it!!

SAHM 2 7 | Stay at Home

1. Oh gawd  I don’t have time to shop today! I’ll just zip in, get what I need and get out!

2. Oh it’s quiet, lucky I came early.

3. I’ll hurry so I can get myself a real coffee before I go home to the kids.

75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight | Stay At Home Mum

4. Hmmmm coffee. Wish Spotlight had coffee.They would make a fortune if they had a coffee machine…

5. I’m not walking 400 metres to the nearest coffee shop. I don’t have time for that!!!

75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight | Stay At Home Mum

6. Oh what…. what’s that big sign over there?

7. It’s a sale! On what I want!

8. I’ll just zip over and grab it – I might even have enough money to pick up something just for meeeeee!

9. Wait… hang on that linen is CHEAP AS.

75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight | Stay At Home Mum


10.  *SQUEAL* It will match the wallpaper in my bedroom!

11. Should I get it???

12. No. No. Gotta be good.

75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight | Stay At Home Mum

13. But it might not be here next time I come?

14. Needs vs wants… Needs vs wants…

15. Do I need it? Or do I want it?

16. Oh F&*k it.

17. SOLD!

75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight | Stay At Home Mum

18. OMG! It has matching pillow cases. Totes adorbs!

19. Do I really need those matching scatter pillows??? Ummmm…..

20. Hell yes I do! I want it to look like it does on the picture!

Stay At Home Mum

21. Ummm if I get them, I’ll really need to grab that throw rug as well.

22. Hubby will LOVE IT!

23. Oh, this doona cover must be really good quality, it is so heavy.

24. Oops I dropped my handbag. I have too much stuff in my arms….

25. Should I get a basket?

Stay At Home Mum

26. Oh bugger it, a trolley is easier then I have my hands free!

27. Oh yes where was I! Oh yes, my list.

28. Must head over to the sale section.

Stay At Home Mum

29. Oh, the home decor is adorable.

30. I never really get time to just look around and the kids aren’t here. I’ll just pop over and look.

31. Double sided curtains on sale!!! It will help hubby sleep so much better…

32. Okay let’s walk away…

Stay At Home Mum

33. Walking away……. walking away…

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