75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight

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75 Thoughts Mums Have When Visiting Spotlight

34. They are on sale… it’s an investment…..

35. No, he’ll kill me.

36. Where’s that sale sign?

Stay At Home Mum

37. No he’ll appreciate it. A good night’s sleep is priceless!

38. *Pops them into the trolley*

39. Seeing curtains are on sale, I should see if I can get those double ones for the baby’s room.

Stay At Home Mum

40. AWWWWWWW look at the ladybug curtains! Makes me wish I had a little girl..

41. Hmmmm will he prefer trains, plains or giraffes???

42. Spongebob is there, too. He loves Spongebob so much..

Stay At Home Mum

43. They are not on sale. No… No…

44. But his birthday is coming up?!

45. He’ll love them so much.

46. No.

Stay At Home Mum

47. *Puts them to the trolley*

48. Oh what’s that over there… Spongebob fabric!

49. Hhhmmm.. I could make my own.

Stay At Home Mum

50. Oh the money I could save. It can’t be that hard to sew can it????

51. I’ll just go look at the sewing machines.

52. I don’t know what I’m looking for. They all look pretty.

Stay At Home Mum

53. Oh! They are on sale…

54. Nope. Can’t afford it this time. I’ll think about it. *puts Spongebob curtains back on shelf*

Stay At Home Mum

55. *goes back over to look at sewing machines* No No No.

56. I can’t sew.

57. This is ridiculous.

58. But, when will I have time to learn how to sew?! *puts Spongebob curtains back in the trolley*

Stay At Home Mum

59. I really need to get home. I’ll just grab that list again.

60. Ohhhhh party section!

61. Nawwww so many cute things in the party section!

Stay At Home Mum

62. His birthday IS coming up.

63. No. Not today.

64. He doesn’t need a party this year. He had a party last year.

65. Restrain yourself!!!

Stay At Home Mum

66. Ohhh storage. Moths are in my pantry.

67. I need those…..

68. And those!

Stay At Home Mum

69. I’d better leave now.

70. I’m in so much trouble.


Stay At Home Mum

72. I’m dead.

73. So dead. In fact I’m deader than dead……

74. Maybe I should hide the receipt…



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