SAHM’s Secrets to Successful Appliance Shopping

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SAHM’s Secrets to Successful Appliance Shopping

Don’t Buy any Appliance Without Reading This First…. 

White goods: A necessity in any busy household.  And a sad day when it’s time to say goodbye to an old appliance.

When the time comes to retire one of your old appliances and make the trek into your favourite white goods store, it can be difficult to know what you should bring home. There are so many designs and brands of dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and other appliances that it can be hard to know if you are selecting one that will do what you need it to do.

So here is the Stay at Home Mum’s Secret to Appliance Buying Success. Take two minutes to read our tips before you hit the white goods shop – trust me, you will be glad you did!

Select your Budget

Is there really a difference between a $400 fridge and a $2500 fridge? Yep there certainly is. But if you can’t afford the $2500, then don’t go there. Stay within your price range, whether this is $1000 or $3000. Sometimes jumping up an extra $200 to get additional features will make the difference but if you can’t afford the top of the line, then don’t try.

Haier is our top choice for value-for-money appliances. Their products offer smart features and functional settings that are designed to make your life, and your household chores, easier.

Know What You Want

I want a washing machine.

Yes, but do you want a $300 washing machine or a $1000 machine? Do you want a top-loader or a front loader? Make a list of the things you want out of your appliance. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Asking the Right Questions

When Choosing a Washing Machine

  • What program options are there and do you need any special program modes for example, when you don’t have a lot of time, are there quick program alternatives?
  • What will fit in your laundry a front loader or a top loader?
  • How many kg can it hold – if you have a large family, then you may want to choose a washing machine that can hold a large quantity of clothes to reduce washing loads

Our recommendation when it comes to washing machines is the Haier HWM80-1403D Front LoaderIt can hold up to 8kg of dry clothes and includes 11 wash programs including a quick 15 minute program and a sportswear 25 minute cycle. Haier’s front loader features spin speeds up to 1400 rpm which really cuts down on drying time. However, the feature we love the most is the AMT door seal which features an anti-bacterial seal designed to reduce the build-up of bacteria common in front loaders.

When Choosing a Fridge

  •  How do you want to organise your food? Do you want veggies on the bottom? Do you need extra shelving space? Do you keep condiments on the side?  Do you prefer the freezer above or below?
  •  How do you use your fridge? Do you do a lot of meal planning or dinner parties where you will need extra room to store larger casseroles and salads?
  • What size/space are you working with?
  • What other features are important to you? Energy efficiency? Child lock? Slide out shelving?

When Choosing a Dish Washer

  • How much water is it using? – the lower the water usage, the better for your bills.
  • How long is the cycle?
  • What is the design? Will it suit your dishes? Do you like cups on the top or on the bottom? Do you have a lot of platters and funny shaped plates that frequently need washing?

Again, we have to go with Haier’s  HDW12-TFE4 Dishwasher  which comes with 7 wash programs and a 4 star WELS water rating. On a standard cycle the dishwasher only uses 11.6 litres of water and there is a setting for half loads which uses 20 percent less water and energy (for those take away nights).

Measure, Measure, Measure

When our fridge conked out we made the rookie mistake of buying a new one without measuring the space where the old one lived. And, of course, the new fridge was too big. Luckily my husband is pretty handy and was able to take apart the cupboard above the fridge to correct the problem but this is something that could have easily been avoided in three steps.

1. Take a measuring stick and measure the space

2. Write it down

3. Bring this piece of paper to the shops with you


Compare Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is pretty important in the long run as it can make the difference in how much you are paying every quarter for your energy and water bills. We opt for appliances with at least a 3 star energy rating, like the Haier French Door Refrigerator but this is entirely up to you and how important this feature is to your household.

Check Referrals 

Everyone has their good and bad stories about their appliances. Some brands are better known than others. When you are selecting an appliance, it is worth asking around, doing a quick Google search and seeing what other’s recommend.

Plan for Problems

It’s the long weekend and the fridge dies. Hey, it happens. It happened to me last weekend, in fact. No matter what you do, you cannot guarantee that something won’t go wrong. What you can do is select a brand of appliance that guarantees 24/7 assistance.

SAHM's Secrets to Successful Appliance Shopping | Stay at Home Mum

When it comes to buying appliances, things can get pretty tricky. We hope our tips to successful appliance shopping helps narrow down your selection. Share your tips with us below!

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