20 Summer Dresses for Ladies Who Don’t Want To Show Their Arms

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20 Summer Dresses for Ladies Who Don’t Want To Show Their Arms

Whenever I used to go clothes shopping with my mother, she would never choose dresses or shirts that didn’t have sleeves.

I just couldn’t understand why.

“I just don’t like my arms”, she would say.

20 Summer Dresses for Women Who Don't Like Their Arms | Stay at Home Mum

Now that I’m all grown up and in my (cough cough) forties (very early forties), I can soooooo understand where she was going with that. For some strange reason, as soon as women hit a certain age, fat seems to accumulate on our upper arms, giving some of us that like the odd cream bun and biscuit ‘Tuckshop lady arms’. And people, they ain’t pretty!

On top of that, most of us are also blessed with those little spots on our upper arms which are called Keratosis Pilaris. Yep, I have them, too. And I pick them (shock horror) so not only do I have tuckshop lady arms, I’ve also got pimples that I have picked. Gross.

Anyway. For us ladies, who don’t want to show the cream bun and pimple-picking damage we have caused, here are 20 gorgeous summer dresses!

Try Outfits with Half Sleeves

Half sleeves are perfect as they cover up the bingo wings, but aren’t too hot like full sleeves are. Perfect for Spring and Summer – outfits with half sleeves can be worn most of the year, but they are a bitch to wear with a cardigan as the sleeves can ride up underneath.

Our picks for best outfits with half sleeves:

141302BLACK 1 1 | Stay at Home

Intriguing Maxi Dress in Black by City Chic

200523SUNSET 1 | Stay at Home

The Frill Sense Playsuit in Sunset by City Chic

Draped Sleeves are Flattering on the Arms

Another very flattering style to hide the upper arms are to find outfits with loose draped sleeves.  Soft and sweet, they are shorter than the half sleeves, but just gently caress the upper arms.  Very girly and cool to wear.

Our Picks: 

200635sapphiregarden 8 | Stay at Home

Dreaming Jumpsuit in Sapphire by City Chic

200530VIXENFLORAL 1 | Stay at Home

Wrap Vixen Dress in Red by City Chic

200040NAVY 1 | Stay at Home

Metallic Rain Dress in Navy by City Chic

Keep Your Shoulders Exposed and the Arms Covered

Shoulders are sexy AF, so get them out this Summer.  You can still hide your arms with little tiny detached sleeves or of the shoulder styles.

Our Picks:

There is a Light That Never Goes Out Dress in White by Showpo | Stay at Home Mum

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out Dress in White by Showpo


Hitting Stones Two Piece Set in Powder Blue by Showpo | Stay at Home Mum

Hitting Stones Two Piece Set in Powder Blue by Showpo

200080BLACK 5 | Stay at Home

Venice Love Jumpsuit in Black by City Chic

Guest Edit Dress in Wine by Showpo | Stay at Home Mum

Guest Edit Dress in Wine by Showpo

Fuller Styled ‘Puffy’ Sleeves Hide Tuckshop Lady Arms

Tailored fuller styled sleeves may sound like they would make your upper arms look larger, but actually opposite is the case.  They are fitted down further towards the elbow which gives the arm a lean look!  Look for the fitted band at the end of the sleeve.

Born Fighter Dress in Mustard by Showpo | Stay at Home Mum

Born Fighter Dress in Mustard by Showpo

rogreatness two piece set in cream floral | Stay at Home

Greatness Two Piece Set in Cream Floral by Showpo

Short Sleeves and High Neck

Yes I know the thought of wearing short sleeves may leave you in a cold sweat, but bear with me here.  When you put together short sleeves, but keep the neckline high – it gives a sleek silhouette that is extremely flattering on your arms.  Here are some great examples:

rothink you better dance dress in pink floral | Stay at Home

Think You Better Dance Dress in Pink Floral by Showpo

200739BLACK 1 | Stay at Home

Lace Devotion Dress in Black by Showpo

201257FLORALALLURE 1 | Stay at Home

Flutter Allure Dress in Black by City Chic

Choose a V-Neckline to Draw Eyes to the Girls, not the Arms!

A v-neckline makes the fun bags look fantastic.  And when people are looking at them, they aren’t looking at the bat wings! Make sure the outfit does have sleeves of some description though – even tiny little cap sleeves make a huge difference.

rosecret cure dress in red print | Stay at Home

Secret Cure Dress in Red Print by Showpo

See Through Sleeves Give you Coverage, But Still Style

Finally, having lacy or transparent sleeves gives you the security that your arms are covered.

i could use a love song playsuit in rose goldro | Stay at Home

I Could Use a Love Song Playsuit in Rose Gold Glitter by Showpo

| Stay at Home

Let’s Get Loud Maxi Playsuit in White Lace by Showpo


/r/o/rowant_to_see_what_you_go_dress_in_black.jpgWant to See What You Go Dress in Black Mesh Lurex by Showpo

These are our top 20 picks for summer dresses for ladies who want to hide our upper arms! What do you think?

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20 Summer Dresses for Ladies Who Don't Want To Show Their Arms

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