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Where to Buy Kids Special Needs Clothing

Where to Buy Kids Special Needs Clothing

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Where to Buy Kids Special Needs Clothing

Kids Special Needs Clothing needs to be cute, durable, comfortable and adaptable!

All kids should feel super cute and awesome in their clothing. Some kids need clothing adaptable to their lifestyle, or they might have an aversion to different feels of fabrics.. Whatever need your child has – there is a special need clothing stockist to suit them.

Here is a list of Kids Special Needs Clothing Suppliers!

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Wonsie has adaptive clothing onesies for older children through to adults.  These bodysuits keep wandering hands out of nappies and incontinence pads, deter inappropriate undressing, keep curious fingers out of feeding buttons and tubes and prevent eczema sufferers from scratching tummies whilst still maintaining a warm layer under clothing.
Wonsie - Large Special needs bodysuits for kids and adults
Jett Proof

Jett Proof manufactures and supplies sensory clothing including seamless socks for adults and children with Aspergers, sensory issues, Autism and ADHD.
JETTPROOF Calming Sensory Clothing Inspired by Jett
Able Clothing

Able Clothing provides adaptive clothing for children with disabilities & special needs that inspires them and their carers to live their best everyday.

See their range ->
Able Clothing
Caring Clothing

For the most comfortable adaptive clothing you can find in Australia, visit Caring Clothing and browse their extensive range.
Caring Clothing

Conventional clothing with buttons, zippers, and snaps may be a hassle for children and adults with special needs, so adaptive clothing had been helpful for them. And this is what the Firefly Community has specialised in offering some specialised garments made to fit people with special needs.
Calming Kids Australia

Calming Kids Australia stock a wide variety of items for special needs kids including weighted blankets, weighted vests, lap bags, wrist cuffs and calming clothing.
Easy Wear Australia

Based in Perth, Easywear Australia is a family owned and run business that provides clothing for anyone with various disabilities and special needs through to aged care garments.
Every Human

Every Human has a great range of high quality stylish adaptive clothing.  They are designed by people with lived experience in the challenges of finding, using and loving adaptive clothing.
Special Kids Company

Located in the UK, the Special Kids Company have a mantra ‘Where every child should be seen and not hidden’.  They have a colourful range of kids onesies, incontinence swimwear and colourful everyday wear for older kids.
| Stay at Home Mum.com.au
Sensory Smart Clothing

Based in Canada, Sensory Smart Clothing have bamboo adaptive clothing that is soft and snuggly to wear, in bright colours kids will love!
| Stay at Home Mum.com.au
Willow Bug

Willow Bug is based in the United Kingdom but they do post to Australia and focus on super cute adaptive clothing just for kids!
Willow Bug

We are always find new kids special needs clothing suppliers that are available in Australia (or will post internationally) – so keep looking back here for updates!


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