50+ Things To Get Done at Home Before Your Baby Arrives

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50+ Things To Get Done at Home Before Your Baby Arrives

Shit to do TWO MONTHS before your due date:

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Do the ‘Once a Month Cooking’ Prep

Start cooking Loads of Extra Meals for the Freezer.  Our pick: Grab a copy of ‘Once a Month Cooking’. Because trust me, you won’t feel like cooking in the first six weeks after baby comes home from the hospital.

Once a Month Cooking Available Now Stay at Home Mum | Stay at Home

Start Putting Nursery Furniture Together

Start setting up the cot and change-table in the nursery. Grab a rug and start on the decorating.

Superhero Nursery set // Superhero Crib set // Superhero Cot image 0

We love this Superhero Nursery Set from Etsy

Do a Test Run

Do a test run trip to the hospital with your partner.  Start taking notice of busy times, road closures etc.  Have a route planned.

Put Important Phone Numbers on the Fridge

Have the Hospital, Doctor and Gyno’s phone number up on your fridge.

Buy up Useables

Start buying baby shampoo, disposable nappies, breast pads, nipple cream, sanitary pads etc. Stock up.

Or Start Grabbing Some Modern Cloth Nappies

If you are planning on using Modern Cloth Nappies, now is the time to start grabbing a few nappies at a time so you have plenty when baby comes along.  If you are not sure on what type to use, you can always grab samples to try nappies before you invest a lot of money in them.

Newborn Nappy Samples | Stay at Home

Hello Charlie have a Eco Nappy Sample Pack

Put the Anchor Points in the Car

Make sure you check your vehicle has anchor points for the baby seat.

People to Call Register

Put together a list of names of numbers of people for your partner to call when bub’s arrives.

Look at a Pro Breast Pump Rental

Put your name down to hire a good breast pump (if you are going to breastfeed)

Places you can organise breast pump hire include:

Or you can buy one if you so prefer!  Stockists for breast pumps include:

ADD8 800 | Stay at Home


Book your pre-birth hair and waxing beauty appointments. Only if you are into that – hospital staff don’t care one way or another, they only want you to be clean!

Get your Other Children a Gift from Baby

Organise a gift for any children you have already to make the birth special for them.

Hold the Baby Practice

If your baby has older siblings, buy a life-sized doll and do some practice at holding the baby.

Order Your Labour Gown

Choose your hospital outfits.  It should be soft and comfortable – and roomy!

See a beautiful range of Labour Gowns here.

image 0

Pre-pay Any Bills

Note down any bills that might be due when you are – see if you can pre-pay them or set up an automatic payment with your bank.

Family Immunisations

Let all your family know that they need to have a Whooping Cough Booster if they want to visit your newborn in the hospital.

Maternity Leave

Put your maternity leave plans in writing and submit them to your employer.

Birthing Partner

Think about who you would like in the birthing suite with you.

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