100 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

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100 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

100 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

You will most likely have to give your parents a little something, if not from you, then definitely from the kids.

Shopping for nanna and pop can be a little tricky. So here are some great Christmas gifts for grandparents that will sure to bring a smile to their faces on Christmas morning:

100 Christmas Gifts for Grandparents | Stay at Home Mum

Something Personal for Nan or Pop

Photo Blocks

Definitely a unique gift for the grandparents and something that will be cherished forever!

photo blocks | Stay at Home

show?id=Ae9hXvJ8XZY&bids=490476 | Stay at Home

  • A picture frame with a photo of the Grandkids
  • A monthly Bellabox full of goodies!
  • A personalised coffee mug
  • A personalised calendar (12 photos of the Grandchildren)
  • Photo Album or Photo Book
  • A voucher for lunch at the local pub
  • Movie Tickets to their local cinema

110330 | Stay at Home

The Adventurous Grandparent

For the ‘Sight-Impaired’ Grandparent

The Book-Loving Grandparent

| Stay at Home | Stay at Home

Passive-Aggressive Gifts for the In-Laws Who Don’t Like You

The Gardening Loving Grandparent

  • A Bee Hive
  • Garden Gloves and tools.  Our pick:  These gorgeous personalised garden gloves from Hard to Find.

yj1wn0fbfhiks9gg6ec9 | Stay at Home | Stay at Home

bird box hard to find | Stay at Home

The Hobby Loving Grandparent

The Travelling Grandie/Grey Nomad

  • Travel Guide Book
  • Big 4 Membership
  • Map Books
  • Voucher to a Restaurant Chain (so they can use it where ever they are!)
  • Travelling Duffle Bagshow?id=Ae9hXvJ8XZY&bids=490476 | Stay at Home

The Kitchen Loving Grandparent

  • A ‘Beer & Barbecue’ Cooking Class
  • A slow cooker
  • Cookbooks
  • Set of wine glasses
  • Coffee Cups
  • Cheese Making Course
  • Apron and matching oven mitt

Homemade beetroot and apple chutney in jars

The Foodie Grandparents

Foodie Magaziners | Stay at Home Mum

The Art and Craft Loving Grandparent

  • Scrapbooking, painting, drawing or Twilling classes
  • Pottery or ceramics classes
  • A new Sewing Machine
  • Dressmaking Dummy
  • Set of paints and canvasses
  • Drawing or Painting Lessons
  • Gift vouchers for an art supplier
  • Do an ‘Art Experience’ tour

The Gambling and Alcohol Loving Grandparent

  • Boutique Beer Tasting Course
  • Poker Set
  • Card Shuffler
  • A Gourmet Beer and Snack Hamper
  • Set of exotic beers
  • Visit the Bundaberg Rum Distillery
  • Beer Brewing Kit
  • Bar Mat
  • Shot Glasses
  • A nice bottle of red
  • A small barrel for scotch

The Home Loving Grandparent

  • Fluffy Marshmallow Socks or Slippers
  • A Storm Glass (Weather Forecasting Device)
  • A dressing Gown
  • New pyjamas
  • Heat Pack
  • Electric Blanket Throw Rug
  • New pillow
  • Tray Table
  • Foot Spa
  • Calf & Foot Massager
  • New set of 1000 thread count sheets
  • Eye Massager

| Stay at Home | Stay at Home

The Outdoors Loving Grandparents

  • New fishing line
  • Camping Chair
  • Hiking Boots
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  • Sun Protection Shirt
  • Waterproof Watch

| Stay at Home

Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a Great Gift Idea

Houses Water Bottle from Hard to Findshow?id=Ae9hXvJ8XZY&bids=490476 | Stay at Home

For the Grandparent who has everything

  • Gift vouchers
  • Tickets to a show
  • Flying Lessons
  • Bungy Jump
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Double pass to the cinema
  • Rock N Roll Dancing Lessons
  • A Beauty voucher for a manicure, pedicure or facial
  • A Hair voucher for a Cut and Colour
  • A massage voucher
  • Ballroom Dancing Lessons
  • Hot Air Balloon Experience
  • Computer lessons (if a wannabe techno-savvy Grandparent)
  • Go Ten Pin Bowling as an extended family
  • Jewellery Making Workshop
  • Wine Tasting
  • Enjoy a High Tea
  • A Ghost Tour of a Jail or Haunted House
  • Lunch at the local Pub
  • Visit the set of Neighbours The TV Show
  • Soap Making Course
  • Lunch or dinner cruise

Do you have any other suggestions on great gifts for Grandparents? Share them with us!

100 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents | Stay at Home Mum

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