Best Online Clothing Stores For Over 35’s That Don’t Suck

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Best Online Clothing Stores For Over 35’s That Don’t Suck

Best Online Clothing Stores for Over 35’s That Don’t Suck

As a gal that is now in my forties, I still want to dress nice – and I’m not ready to start wearing drab clothing that will age me or make me look like a Nanna. I still wanna look cool as f*ck….

But I have found that I care about other qualities in clothing – such as fabric choices, fit and length. And I’m willing to pay more for select pieces that I know I will have forever.  I do appreciate a lovely cotton jersey or organic bamboo because it is cool and it breathes and feels lovely on the skin – as when I was young I’d rock the polyester without a second thought.

I have parts of the body I’d rather hide (my Mummy Tummy and batwing arms) – and parts I’d love to show off (legs, boobs..).  So I have chosen the following online stores carefully – places I would shop myself.

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1. Boden Clothing Australia

Location: Australia and Worldwide

Boden is worldwide and has not long been in Australia.  Boden has lots of timeless, quality pieces that will last you forever.  I particularly love their jersey dresses… They fit beautifully, wash well and never lose their shape.  Perfect for casual workwear, smart casual wear and awesome fitting jeans.  If you care about fabric and how it feels against the skin, Boden is your go to.

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Check them out here

Best Online Clothing Stores Women

2. Birdsnestshow?id=Ae9hXvJ8XZY&bids=339994&type=3&subid=0 | Stay at Home

Location: Australia

Birdsnest is one of my personal favourite sites.  Check out their ‘outfit’ section, great when you can’t decide what to wear!  They have a real knack of putting different clothing together to form an entire outfit.  Plus you can shop for body shape, personality, and occasion. Genius!

Check them out here

Best Online Clothing Stores Women - Birdsnest

3. SPORTSCRAFT Australia

Sportscraft has workwear, dressy casual and casual wear for women.  Their style is very country and relaxed. Classic, easy to wear pieces that are long-lasting.

Check them out here>

4. Cooper St

Location: Australia

Cooper Street Clothing has been around for over 25 years and has feminine, girly clothing that is perfect for the over 35 market – even though they do cater to all ages.  Particularly good for Race Wear or to find something to wear to a wedding.

Check them out here>

Cooper Street Clothing | Stay at Home Mum

5. St Frock

Location: Australia

St Frock is an online women’s wear store that has loads of comfortable and feminine dresses that are very well priced. They cater to plus sizes and you can shop depending on hem length, sleeve length and occasion.  They also have a fantastic maternity range!

Check them out here >

6. Yarn

Uniquely Australian Yarn has some great selling eye-catching, authentic and amazing Indigenous clothing and apparel to the Australian market. Profits got back to the designers and help indigenous Australians.

Check out their beautiful range here >

Leaders Shawl 1 800x | Stay at Home

Checkout their range here >

7. Noni B

Location: Australia

Now before you roll your eyes, some might consider Noni B a ‘Nanna’ shop, but if you hunt through the clothing, quite often you can find a cute little number perfect for you! One of my favourite navy polka-dot dresses I found at Noni B!  Mainly for over 50’s – it is worth a look!

Check out their range here >

8. Leona Edmiston

Location: Australia

Leona Edmiston has a classic, beautiful clothing line that is pricey but of excellent quality.  Their dresses are suitable for dinner and drinks or to attend a wedding. Very femininely styled with cinched waists and a-line skirts.

Check out their range here >

9. Veronika Maine

Location: Australia

Veronika Maine is renowned for its technical innovation and high-quality finishes. Timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. They also have a dress I’d kill for but it is $220 and my husband would seriously kill me if I spent that much on a dress! Very high-quality fabrics and styles.

Check out their range here >

Veronika Maine

10. Seed Heritage

Location: Australia

Seed Heritage is the best place for high-quality casual wear.  They have adorable jumpers, coats and shoes.  The perfect outfits for travelling.

Check out their range here>

WW March Web Update WW Landing Page Denim v2 | Stay at Home

11. Blue Bungalow

Location: Australia

Blue Bungalow has clothing that covers more of the parts we don’t like, and accentuates the bits we do! They have workwear, weekend wear, resort wear and clothing for plus size women.

  • They have free shipping for orders over $100.00

See their range of clothing here >

| Stay at Home

12. David Lawrence

This is a brand I’ve only discovered in the last year when going through Myer.  At first glance they can look like ‘old ladies clothing’ – but wait – they have some really nice classy pieces, perfect for work!  Think pencil skirts, silk blouses and blazers.

Good staple quality pieces.

Check out their website here >

14. Forcast

Location: Australia

Forcast is one of my new favourite shops.  It has ever-green fashion for ladies that are timeless and classy – lots of bold block colours and neutrals. Tailored designs perfect for work.

Current Promotions:

15. CoEdition

Location: United States

CoEdition is a US site that caters to US sizes 10 – 26.  They have seasonal fashion from contemporary designers. They carry over 80 different fashion brands and have the perfect look for all occasions.

16. Ted Baker

Location: Australia and Worldwide

So Ted Baker is perhaps one of my favourite luxury brands – very pricey but has some absolutely stunning pieces that are really well made and will last for years and years and years.  Good for investment pieces.


Ted Baker - Clothing for Women Under 35 that Don't Suck | Stay at Home Mum

17. Kate Spade

Location: Australia and Worldwide

Yes you probably know of Kate Spade for the amazing handbags, but the gorgeous high-end brand now has a delicious range of women’s clothing that are anything but boring.  Bright colours in beautiful materials flatter the figure.  I want some!


K NJMUA728583 1 | Stay at Home

18.  Witchery

Witchery has classic pieces that are casual, and a great range of workwear appropriate attire.  Classic pieces and classic styles with beautiful fabrics.

Check out their range here >

19. Forever New

Wait!  Yes at first you may think that Forever New is for those young things – but don’t totally dismiss it – they do have some lovely pieces if you look hard enough – and some fantastic coats – and their pants are GREAT!

Check out their range here >

20. Tulio

If you are looking for casual clothing that is classy and made of high-quality materials – Tulio is the shop for you.  Long comfy t-shirts, comfy cardigans, loungewear and resortwear.

Check out their range here >

150047 | Stay at Home

21. Femme Connection

Jeans of all sorts of styles, shapes, and colours, beautiful jumpers, on-trend t-shirts and the latest in catwalk styles at high street prices. Femme Connection stocks:

  • Party Dresses (including the essential Little Black Dress)
  • Knitwear
  • Comfy Cardigans
  • Funky Leggings

Get free shipping on orders over $60

Check out Femme Connection here >

Femme Connection

22. Esther & Co

Esther & Co has flowy dresses, party dresses and workwear appropriate clothing.  They are an exclusively online store and they have new pieces every single week – so there is always something new and on-trend to check out.

See their range here >

172165 | Stay at Home

List of the Best Smaller Boutique Online Stores for Over 35’s

Boutique Stores are smaller online clothing stores that may have their own brand, or stock a variety of brands.  These are super cute and I just have to include them on this best list!

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Online Clothing Stores For Over 35's That Don't Suck

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