10 Great Valentines Day Jewellery Gifts for her under $150

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10 Great Valentines Day Jewellery Gifts for her under $150

10 Great Valentines Day Jewellery Gifts Under $150 for Her

Valentines Day isn’t too far away! Jewellery is a classic valentines day gift, and for good reason. It’s romantic and something special to treasure. We are all still recovering from Christmas and Back to School, so most budget-friendly valentines day gifts are a sure winner.

Have a look at these beautiful, simplistic necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Send this article to your partner and give some hints on some unique and beautiful jewellery items perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Olivia Necklace

Price: $134.00

The Olivia Necklace by Amber Sceats just sings luxurious and simple. This necklace is a combination of freshwater pearls with a 24K Gold Plated Chain. Every single pearl on this necklace is uniquely shaped, no two are the same. The uniqueness of this necklace makes it even more special. Read More >

AmberSceats 71 0671 2 | Stay at Home

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Raw Quartz Crystal Drop Earrings

Price: $95.00

If you love anything boho, these earrings are so cute! They are modern and will definitely make a statement. They are handmade with quartz, rose gold, gold, silver and stone. These earrings are lightweight and also contain sterling silver. Read More > 

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Hazel Earrings 

Price: $109.00

The Hazel Earrings are plated with 24K gold and are a modern look hoop style earring. They have a moon shape look about them and can be worn every day or for special occasions. Read More >

200626 AmberSceats 09 0110 | Stay at Home

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Rainbow Moonstone Locket

Price: $119.97

This locket is absolutely stunning! It’s a silver handmade locket with a rainbow moonstone gem in the centre. It’s made with sterling silver and around the gem, is beautifully detailed. This necklace would make for an eye-catching valentines day pressie! Read More > 

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Ocean Pearl Ring 

Price: $129.00

This stunning gold and pearl ring was actually designed in collab with Jade Tunchy, a trendy influencer. It definitely gives off beachy vibes. It’s a freshwater pearl with a gold wired band. Each pearl is unique in its shape, so every ring is different. Read More >

ASR1702G 7 | Stay at Home

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Wattle Earrings

Price: $45.00

How cute are these Wattle earrings?! The flowers in these handmade earrings are pressed and dried and then placed in between layers of white and clear resin! Made with stainless steel so no problems for sensitive ears. These earrings give off a 70s vibe and are great for everyday wear. Read More > 

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Island Pendant Necklace 

Price: $76.20

This pendant necklace is breathtaking! Made from some very skilled artists in the Philippines, the pendant is made with beach sand, aqua resin, and small pigments of metal. Such a beautiful, stunning Valentine Day present! Read More > 

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Honey and Bee Pendant Choker

Price: $83.06

This Honey and Bee Choker is cute and quirky! Made with high-quality hypoallergenic sterling silver, this necklace will last a long time! The adorable bee is so unique, that you are sure to receive some compliments while wearing it! Read More > 

il 794xN.2678429500 69j0 2 | Stay at Home

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Rose Gold Dainty Bracelet

Price: $46.51

This bracelet will impress any rose gold lover! It has a simplistic and modern design, it’s a great addition to any outfit at any time of the day. The bracelets are adjustable and each stone is real cubic zirconia. Read More > 

il 794xN.2308242983 nj38 2 | Stay at Home

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Initial Necklace 

Price: $54.40 

These personalised initial necklaces are a perfect romantic valentines day gift and budget-friendly as well! It’s dainty, modern and simple. You also have a variety of fonts, sizes and also the type of metal is used as well. Read More >

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Don’t stress about what to get your loved one for Valentines Day this year. Something on this list of beautiful and different jewellery pieces are bound to impress! Good Luck 🙂

10 Great Valentines Day Jewellery Gifts for her under $150 | Stay at Home Mum

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