5 Gift Ideas For Women Who F#cking Love To Swear!

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5 Gift Ideas For Women Who F#cking Love To Swear!

There’s something really fucking satisfying about swearing, isn’t there? Who doesn’t love it?

Well plenty of people don’t love it, supposedly, but fuck them. If you have a special friend in your life who just loves dropping F and C bombs like nobody’s business, why not buy her a gift that caters to her hobby?

The Original and the BEST UNT Mug

5 Gift Ideas For Women Who F#cking Love To Swear!

Hold on the the C while you have a cup of tea.

UNT Mug from Yellow Octopus


Stay At Home Mum

“Girl Power” isn’t a term that quite does justice to all the shit we ladies have to deal with. With these words of wisdom concealed on your feet you’ll be ready to take on just about anything.

MOTHERF#CKING GIRL POWER Ladies Socks from Yellow Octopus

F#CK THE RAIN Foldable Umbrella

5 Gift Ideas For Women Who F#cking Love To Swear!

If rainy days and Mondays put you in a foul f*ckng mood, fight back and flip mother nature the bird while keeping yourself dry.

F#CK THE RAIN foldable umbrella from Yellow Octopus 

Do Epic Shit Profanity Bracelet

Grab the Profanity Bracelet from Etsy | Stay at Home Mum

A no-nonsense and sweary approach to dealing with life.

Profanity Bracelet available from Etsy


A Profanity Mug

Grab a Profanity Mug | Stay at Home Mum

Perfect for your sweary OCD friend who struggles to get out of bed in the morning and needs that morning coffee more than life!

Profanity Mug available from Etsy


A Reversible Sequin Magical Changing C*nt Cushion

Sequin Cunt Cushion | Stay at Home Mum

Grab it from Etsy

So..what’s your favourite swear bomb?

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