New Sex Toys: Cool, Scary and WTF in 2020

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New Sex Toys: Cool, Scary and WTF in 2020

New Sex Toys: Cool, Scary and WTF in 2020

Sex toys seem to be the same old, same old, they vibrate, pulse, have 10 settings, suck, “look real”, but it’s the oddball, the pretty ones, the daring ones, the new sex toys that we want to focus on. Whip these newbies out to the girlfriends and they are sure to hold their interest, you may even become the trendsetter for sex toy “fashion”. The lady that bursts into the shop and asks for “something different, something new”.


So let’s see what’s new, cool, scary and downright WTF that’s getting around on Adult Toy stores online. Sit back have a giggle, maybe even “go for the buy” but have some fun and enjoy.

Cool New Sex Toys

Love Honey Gyr8tor: Moves like “jagger”

gyr8tor push desktop 940x340 cosmo | Stay at Home

The Gyr8tor is the new sex toy everyone is going mad for at the moment. Look at this thing, it has a life and mind of its own. A gyro in the end makes the swirling movement without you having to do anything. It was the winner of the Love Honey “Design a Sex Toy” competition so it was actually a customer concept turned to actual product. The great thing about this new sex toy is the motion, is set to target your clitoral system both internal and external without you actually being in total control that typical sex toys allow. This loss of control to the gyro and combination of movement to hit the “right spots” makes this a truly cool sex toy and one I can’t see women or men going wrong with.

Highly Recommended – Go for the buyCheck it out here

Trusting Sex Toys

Top Pick: Adam and Eve Thrusting Vibrator

trusting Vibrator | Stay at Home

A Trusting sex toy…well that makes total sense….trusting and vibration even better. Much the Gyrator, the “tip” trusts, allowing you to create rubbing and targeted trusting internally and externally.

Go for the buy – Check it out here

Also checkout: Fifty Shades Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit

new sex toy thrusting vibrator

A bit more of a curved tip than the Adam and Eve brand example, it doesn’t have the length of trust but the curve tip would put more pressure on the g-spot. Still much of a muchness, both examples of leading trusting vibrators into this new sex toy category.

Go for the buy – Check it out here

Pretty Sex Toys

Rainbow Dildo

Rainbow Dildo | Stay at Home

What more can you say….it’s a rainbow dildo…so pretty and makes dildo look fun. Oh, it’s worth mentioning that you can also get the rainbow butt plug as well…in fact checking out the entire Sex Toy Rainbow range. Maybe its time to have a matching sex toy range.

What something cute: Go for the buy – Check it out here

Heart Throb Dildo

Hearts Alice in Wonderland Dildo | Stay at Home

Hearts are a nice touch on this 7″ Dildo. Stands out and looks fun.

Go for the buy – Check it out here

Self-Heating Sex Toy

There are quite a few examples of Self Heating Sex Toys – Check them all out here

Our Pick: Shots Toys Rabbit with Heating

Self Heating Vibrator | Stay at Home

The heating functioning makes your vibrator a bit more than a piece of vibrating cold plastic. Much like a cold shower, warm is so much better.

Do you need a new sex toy? Go for the buy – Check it out here

New Scary Sex Toys

Optimum Power “Masturball”

Scary Teeth Sex Toy | Stay at Home

WTF – Ok this is one for the guys. It looks like it wants to grind your wang into a million pieces…not the most welcoming sex toy at all.

Go for the buy – Check it out here

Hoodlum Tapered Double Penetration

Hoodlum Huge Double Ended Dildo | Stay at Home

Good for practicing social distancing I guess….it’s a massive 22″ long

Go for the buy – Check it out here

The Entire FAAK collection

Fark Horse Cock Dildo | Stay at Home
Yes…that is a horse penis dildo
Foot Dildo | Stay at Home
Foot Dildo…it comes with shoes…nice touch
NBA FAAK056 B | Stay at Home
When one is not enough I guess


View the Full FAAK Range (lots of laughs…so much weirder too)


The FAAK sex toy range includes some very weird, very interesting, and head-turning WTF moments. Check out their full range of new sex toys in their range.

Go for the buy – Check FAAK out here

The Donald Chump Sex Doll

NBA PD3585 00 | Stay at Home
Click to view the hilarious box quotes

NBA PD3585 00 1 | Stay at Home

What can you say…Donald Trump is powerful its only a matter of time before his handsome body was made into a sex doll… But no matter your opinion this surely is a great gag present in the least.

Go for the buy – Check it out here

New WTF Sex Toys

The Claw

Claw Glove Sex Toy | Stay at Home

WTF…it looks like the hand of a Ninja Turtle and Edward Dildo Hands had a babe and this creation was born. Even more surprising this scary intimidating sex toy is quite popular.

Go for the buy – Check it out here


XXXmas Cane Sex Toy | Stay at Home

Looks cute until you realise what it is for…so yeah…this isn’t the kind of Candy Cane you give the kids or Grandma.

Go for the buy – Check it out here

We hoped you enjoyed the Cool, Scary, and WTF for 2020 in Sex Toys. Know of more? comment below

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