13cabs – The Australian Cab Service Parents Know and Love

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13cabs – The Australian Cab Service Parents Know and Love
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13cabs is the Australian cab service that families know and love!

When you book a ride with 13cabs you can rest assured knowing that the safety of your family is their number one priority. 

Committed To Keeping You Happy

13cabs are committed to providing you with the highest standard of customer service. With a dedicated call centre that operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week there will always be someone available to answer your query. Unlike other services, 13cabs have no cancellation fees and no surge pricing so you’ll always get a fair ride.

13cabs Drivers are professional, courteous, and helpful. Found a Driver you like? Maybe they got you and your kid’s basketball team to practice on time in one of their MAXI TAXIS? Maybe they didn’t bat an eyelid at the number of bags your family took to the airport?  Or maybe they just made your day with their incredible service.  Well the good news is, thanks to the 13cabs app feature MyDriver, you can save that Driver as a favourite and request them again for future trips. And what’s more you can even share trusted Drivers with family and friends.

13cabs - The Australian Cab Service Parents Know and Love | Stay At Home Mum

Committed To Keeping You Safe

More than anything, 13cabs are committed to keeping your family safe. Their fleet of 10,000 vehicles are fitted with 30,000 built-in cameras as well as multiple built-in GPS tracking devices (not just mobile phone GPS), both of which are monitored 24/7. 

For peace of mind, trips booked via the 13cabs app can be shared with family and friends. Once a trip has been booked simply click on the “share trip” icon to share the location and status of trip with your contacts it’s easy to keep track of precious cargo.

All vehicles are put through a rigorous safety inspection every four months which includes 50 individual checkpoints covering all of the exterior, interior and mechanical aspects.

All 13cabs vehicles are clearly branded with their unmistakable orange logo, meaning that you won’t accidentally get into the wrong vehicle. Not only does this signature orange look stylish, but it also keeps you safe, as this bright-bold colour makes their cabs stand out to other drivers in traffic on the busy roads.  If you or your driver are in need of urgent assistance at any stage of your journey, there is even a back-to-base alarm installed that is monitored at all times.

13cabs | Stay At Home Mum

Committed To Employing Safe Drivers

13cabs is committed to employing the best drivers in the business. Drivers who are knowledgeable about the area and will get you where you need to go on time. All 13cabs Drivers are professionally trained and police checked, and their vehicles have all the required insurances. But that’s not all – their driving history is also continuously monitored throughout their employment.

Before your Driver arrives to pick you up, you will receive an SMS containing their information. The driver’s photo identification, name, and cab number will also be available inside the vehicle. If you enjoyed the service that your driver provided, you can book them again using the ‘preferred driver’ option via the MyDriver feature on the app. 

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Committed To Offering Most User-Friendly Booking System 

13cabs are proud to provide you with the highest rated cab app.

Customers around Australia are loving the exclusive features that come with this 4.8-star rated app. Features like the, ‘I’m ready now’ option which allows you to book a ride with one simple touch of a button, the ‘Connect’ feature which puts you in touch with an Australian based operator instantly and the ‘Tracking’ function which gives you the ability to track your ride for the duration of your journey. 

In a rush to get somewhere and don’t have time to download the app? Don’t worry you can book your ride using 13cabs incredibly user-friendly online booking system available on the website. Of course, there is always the quick and easy option to book a cab over the phone, after all the number is in the name 13cabs, 13 2227.

No matter which way you book you never have to worry about your privacy. 13cabs, use the Anonymisation System which prevents Drivers from being able to access your phone number and personal information. 

Committed To Covering Everything You Need 

As well as wheelchair accessible vehicles, group bookings of up to 11 passengers, a lost property service and airport transfers, 13cabs also now offer a parcel delivery service. If it can fit in a car 13cabs will deliver it, whether you’ve run out of nappies at 8 pm at night or you‘re in desperate need of baby panadol at 2 am in the morning, 13cabs will pick it up and deliver it straight to your door. This unique Parcel Delivery service is available 24/7 and there is no extra charge for urgent deliveries.

13cabs know how much time and effort parents put into choosing the right car seat. With this in mind, all of their vehicles are fitted with an anchor bolt or restraint so that your child can ride safely in their own seat. Let 13cabs know in advance if you will be supplying your own car seat and if you need assistance to install it in the vehicle.

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Committed To Flattening The Curve

In light of the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, 13cabs have risen to the occasion and taken their cleaning services to the next level following the best advice from experts and the Department of Heath. All Drivers have access to free sanitisation services at Vehicle Sanitisation Hubs located around the nation.


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Find out why 13cabs is Australia’s Favourite way to Ride.

Think Safety, Think Service, Think 13cabs!

13cabs - The Australian Cab Service Parents Know and Love | Stay At Home Mum

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