Enjo Mop Product Review

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Enjo Mop Product Review

Enjo Mop Review | Stay at Home MumI was lucky enough to try an ENJO Floorcleaner. The box turned up and I ripped into it and found a handle and the mop head plus a Dust Floor Fibre and Gloss Floor Fibre. The Fibres come in a nice handy bag to keep them all together plus an ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle.

I was very sceptical to say the least about reviewing a floor cleaner. I mean really they are just to clean floors and how can they be too different from each other.

The first thing I really noticed was the handle felt heavy but very sturdy. Considering how I swing my mop around to clean, it would need to be sturdy. I placed the Dust Floor Fibre on the floor and unlocked the head of the mop, it slides in with one click with my foot and it was locked in. All of this is done on the floor with no bending from me. Love it! Being a tall person the handle extends to suit my height, I hate having to stoop over when mopping.

I ran the Dust Floor Fibre over my floors first to pick up any hairs or general gunk on the floor.  Next, I ran the Gloss Floor Fibre under the tap and mopped in a zig zag pattern with straight water, and started on my kitchen floor. This was after dinner, so all sorts of grease and food marks were on the floor.

It was surprising how smoothly it moves and it left no streaks or marks. It removed the most stubborn marks with no effort at all. Even fits under the lip of my fridge. It made my floor look so nice and shiny clean. Amazing!

Enjo Mop Review | Stay at Home MumThis is not what I call a throw away mop. My old mop has had repeated handles and I am always replacing the heads because they hold the dirt after a while. The only down side I can see with this is the price, but if you were to host an Enjo party then it would be good.

To find their whole range of products you can go to Enjo website and also their Facebook page Enjo Australia.


  • Streak free finish
  • Great manoeuvrability compared to a normal mop
  • Doesn’t use much water
  • You can purchase Enjo products online anytime!


  • Retails for $199 (a kit with a mop and two pads) which is quite expensive for a mop.
  • You need to wash the pads between uses – which really isn’t a con – just a bit of a pain compared to a normal mop.

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