FitFlop Sling Sports Review

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FitFlop Sling Sports Review

FitFlop Sling Sports Review | Stay at Home MumFitFlop Sling Sports Review

When I was asked to review a pair of FitFlop Sling Sports, I looked over them all on the website (and there were plenty for me to choose from, such a dilemma), I picked my standard style.  It’s a sort of strappy thong.  The colour, mink, which I knew would go with everything.

It may be said that I have a few truths hidden in my closet.  Literally.

Open up my closet at home, and you may be surprised what you find.  Shoes, shoes and more shoes.  Shoes from the nineties, noughties, and of course from the present.  The truth is, I can’t seem to dispose of anything shoe related.  From the nineties, you will find some hidden gems, possibly some black strappy numbers, recalling back to me childless youth, and then head past the millennium, I have some beach wear, possibly some mid size heel range, and of course much later, closer to the birth of my number one, they start to lose their height.  It is here I started gathering comfortable flats.

I am not a tall person, so flats aren’t that flattering really.  But with a sister in the shoe biz, you take what you can get.

When they arrived, they looked much higher than that in the website picture.  Hmm, a little height with my thong!  My kids are getting older, I am working a lot more now, so maybe it was time to up my style a little!

What I wasn’t expecting, was that I could put them on immediately, and dress them up or down.  I was actually pleased with how well they sat on my 30 something year old feet.  They were a lot more comfortable than I imagined.  As it happened, I was leaving for a beach holiday that very day, and as I slipped them on my feet in the car (why wait?), I couldn’t wait to road test them.

They were snug on my normal size 7s, and as we hopped out of the car and onto the sand, they were high enough not to sink and swallow up the sand, plus as I waded in and out of the water (this was not my idea, more a necessity with a 5 and 7 year old deciding it best if mum ran into the water after them), they dried up quickly and without leaving a water mark, stretching or shrinking.  Over the course of the 10 days, I wore them insatiably.  I love them, they are my new best friend (for my weary feet), there are no blisters or rubbing, just good style and comfort.  Day to night, beach to club.

Thanks FitFlop for a great holiday, without the tired feet that usually comes after an intense beach holiday with children!

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RRP: $119 AUD

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