Product Review for Robomaid

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Product Review for Robomaid

A  Robomaid Vacuum Cleaner turned up at my house for me to review. I was super excited, the thought of not having to vacuum really turns me on!!! I opened the box expecting a red one, because that is the only colour I had ever seen and it was a beautiful brushed gold. I am in love already. I pulled everything out of the box and read the instructions, then checked again. I read that it also mops the floor???? That can’t be right, oh but it was…okay I can see a long lasting relationship happening here now.  To top it off, it comes with a remote control, so even the kids now have no excuse – they can vacuum from the couch!

Product Review for Robomaid | Stay at Home MumThe charging station was put on the floor and plugged in, on goes the gorgeous vacuum and charges away. Now I just have to wait.

We are all set to go. The invisible wall has had batteries put in and set up to keep the vacuum in my kitchen area and away we went. At first it looked like it didn’t know where it was going, but then I realised it was working its way around on angles. It did manage to vacuum the entire floor, even working around the chairs and table legs. It didn’t get right up along the skirting boards, although the little brush did manage to flick and bits into the path of the vacuum.

The big rugs in the house had just been vacuum and I didn’t think it would get to much out of them. When I opened the back to empty the tray it had picked up a lot more pet hair and dust.

Next I attached the mopping system. Which is just a simple base that clips on underneath the vacuum just behind the brushes, you place a cloth onto and it is held into place with velcro strip. It won’t do a huge area, but it is enough to get rid of dusty footprints off a floor and make a dark floor presentable.


  • Remote control to do spot jobs (love it)
  • Mops the floor
  • Uv light to help kill most of the germs on the floor


  • Gets stuck on small ridges
  • Doesn’t beep or talk to you when there is a problem
  • It retails for $399

I would definitely recommend buying a Robomaid, especially for the people with indoor pets.

Reviewed by K Gwilliam, Mum of four.

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