Punch Colour Catcher Sheets

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Punch Colour Catcher Sheets

Punch Colour Catcher Sheets | Stay at Home MumThis week I was sent a box of Punch Colour Catcher sheets (box of 15 sheets) to do a product review.  I have seen them on the supermarket shelves in the laundry section but had never tried them for myself.  The sheets retail for $4.99 for the box of 15 sheets (33c each).

The box says it prevents colour runs and allows for mixed washes.  I always separate my lights and darks but will admit my whites are looking a little ‘grey’ over time from the odd bit of dark clothing getting into the wash.  As I have little kids and do about 10 loads of washing a week, the thought of being able to mix loads was quite enticing…..  But mainly what I am hoping they will do is keep my whites, well white.  I love white but as a Mum I rarely buy it these days because it always looks tired very quickly.

How They Are Used:

The sheets look and feel like thick paper towelling.  To use the Colour Catcher Sheets, you place a single sheet in the bottom or back of your empty washing machine drum before filling your machine with washing.  You add the standard amount of washing detergent and select your normal washing cycle.  They are able to be used in both front loading and top loading machines, or hand washing and are one use sheets only.

The sheets are meant to trap all the loose dyes from your clothing and absorb into the sheet (the sheet is white). When you take the sheet out of the washing machine at the end – you are meant to see all the trapped dye in the sheet.  I was concerned that the sheet might leach chemicals into the wash (as I’m on a sewage treatment plant so have to be careful of chemicals) however I am advised that they sheets do not put any chemicals into the water, only absorb dyes. Phew! Okay lets give it a go!

My Trial:

I have a gorgeous new rockabilly dress which I adore – and it hasn’t yet been washed.  It is bright blue and red and extremely colour vibrant.  I am washing my new dress with my pure white nightie (which has been washed over and over) but is still white. I have washed the two together on their own and done a before and after photograph!


Punch Colour Catcher Sheets | Stay at Home Mum
Before and After Washing (Note clothing on the right are damp from the machine)

I thought the sheet would absorb more of the red than the blue – but it certainly did absorb a LOT of colour and my nightie still appears to be as white as before hand.  I would usually of washed a new dress on its own before washing with whites (and the recommendation on the back of the packet is that you still do that!).


  • I think using these sheets for all white loads would keep my whites whiter.
  • Advantage of doing mixed loads if I’m in a hurry
  • The sheet didn’t disintegrate in a hot wash.
  • Would be expensive to use every time you washed and sheets cannot be used more than once
  • Shouldn’t be used with items like brand new jeans or towels – still recommended to wash these separately first.
My Verdict:
I think these would be good to keep on hand for when I’m in a hurry and just want to do a small load – or for my whites. Even though they aren’t expensive, for a busy family the cost would soon add up if I used them for every wash.  I would certainly use these for new clothing on the first wash as I certainly feel this is the cause of most of my whites going grey.
If you’d like to know more about Punch Colour Catcher Sheets, head over to their Facebook page –
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