Where to Shop for School Backpacks at a Great Price!

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Where to Shop for School Backpacks at a Great Price!

I end up buying my boys a new backpack almost every year….

Good quality school backpacks should last the kids a whole year. My boys are really hard on theirs and they only just make it!

Below is my list of the best school bags and backpacks to buy (the ones that lasted me two rambunctious boys a whole year).

Plus – we give you tips on keeping those school bags in in tip top condition!

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My Personal Criteria When Shopping For A School Backpack

Certainly, selecting the best backpack for school is a personal decision based on individual preferences and needs. Here’s a list of criteria you might consider when determining the best backpack for your school needs.

When I look for school bags and backpacks, there are a few points I consider:

Bag Size and Child’s Size

A small child should have a small bag.  A medium-sized child can go up a size and then high-schoolers will probably require the larger bag as they have additional requirements for school.  A school bag should be fitted when you get it home – the straps adjusted and ensure that the bag sits right on the child’s hip – and that the child isn’t ‘leaning forward’ to counter-balance the weight of the bag.

A bag too heavy or ill-sized can create back problems.

The Thickness of the straps

Adjustable shoulder straps that evenly distribute the weight across the shoulders and back – you also want straps that are adjustable and made of good quality material as this is the first area school bags usually wear.

Is it Washable?

Is the backpack made out of sturdy material that can be hosed out when a banana gets left in there?  Can you pop it in the washing machine?  The cheaper backpacks usually just fall apart in the wash, but you can still fill a bowl with soapy warm water give them a scrub and hang them out on a washing line to dry in the sun.  Adding a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda always assists with any offence odours (usually banana).

School backpacks that are made from either canvas or water-resistant polyester can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

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Don’t Expect More Than a Year Out of Them

It is unrealistic to expect a school bag to last longer than a year, especially when kids can be so hard on them.  Parents of boys understand.  If you do get more than a year, well done!

Does it Have The Right Compartments?

I need a school bag that will have a side pocket for a water bottle (of all sizes) – and an outside pocket for school notes and plenty of room inside – divided in half – so one half will fit the lunch box and the other side school books.

Some of the more expensive bags have laptop compartments and phone pockets. If there is a need to carry a laptop or tablet, check if the backpack has a well-padded compartment with a secure closure to protect your device.

How Can I Make My School Backpack Lighter?

The key to making the school backpack lighter is to choose the smallest required backpack for their school needs.  Kindy kids should have a small backpack, a primary school medium-sized backpack, and high-school and university a larger styled backpack.

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Best School Bag Brands for Kindy Kids and Daycare Kids

With the little ones, it is always super cute to get them a character bag that they love – it just makes it easier to get out of the door in the mornings…

Good brands for kindy kids include:


Sunnylife is a brand known for its bright and colourful branding, and their school backpacks are no different!  Bright and beautiful like a little kid should have!

SunnyLife Backpack BFF


Penny Scallan

I found this brand when I was searching for really cute kids school backpacks and I love it already.  I wish my boys were small again so I could try some!

Penny Scallan Loopy Llama Large Backpack | MYER
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Glitter/Sequined Bag

Bright, fun and just so unique!

2x Glitter Critters Catch Me Sequin Kids Backpack | Stay at Home

Spongebob Set

Does your kid love spongebob? This set will definitely make their day and excite them go to school.

Spongebob Squarepants Logo Backpack Set | Stay at Home

Loungefly Bags

Loungefly features collaborations with Disney and Marvel. The brand’s backpacks are not only fashionable but also functional and they mostly offer mini backpacks that are compact yet stylish.

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Beakey Backpacks

I found some cute backpacks at OZSALE and I realised that its the brand Beackey. The backpacks are lovely – some plush toys and also car shape ones. They even have sequined unicorn ones!

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Best School Bag Brand for Primary School Kids

So when kids get to Primary School you can size up just a little bit, but they are still young enough to enjoy the really bright colours and styles. These are all medium-sized bags.


Everyone knows about Adidas! They are sturdy and this one comes in a rich blue colour. If you zoom in the fabric, I think (but you should double check) it’s waterproof or have some kind of protection for when it rains.

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Bright Star Kids

The exclusive Backpacks and Lunch Bags combo is available for a limited time only. Premium backpacks (but they also have drink bottles and lunch boxes to match – cute!).

Choose from timeless black, sleek dark blue, or pretty pink and personalise these essentials with your child’s name.

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  • Backpack Main Body – 28cm wide x 37.5cm high x 15cm deep (11″ x 14.7″ x 5.9″)
  • Backpack Front Pocket – 20cm wide x 20cm high x 4cm deep (7.9″ x 7.9″ x 1.6″)
  • Lunch Bag – 19cm wide x 23cm high x 8cm deep (7.4″ x 9″ x 3.1″).

The Somewhere Co.

Designed with the mini adventurer in mind, these stylish, fun, and practical bags from The Somewhere Co are the perfect companion for school or any adventure. They feature plenty of pockets, including a padded laptop pocket inside.

Not only do these bags provide practicality for kids on the go, but they also contribute to sustainability with their recycled materials. Invest in these versatile and eco-conscious bags for your little ones’ adventures today.

Harry Potter Backpack

Featuring the iconic Hogwarts crest embroidered on the backpack, it adds a touch of wizardry to any adventure. This backpack is suitable for both boys and girls, showcasing the universal appeal of the enchanting Harry Potter universe. If you have a HP fan- he/she will adore this!

Harry Potter Wizarding World Hogwarts | Stay at Home

Bluey Set

We love Bluey – and I’m sure so many kids love Bluey as well. Inside there is a Bingo backpack and there are other fun stuff as well: sunglasses, a color-in activity set, a ball, a child’s plate, a 4-pack of puzzles, and a Bingo headband. All of these items come packed inside an official Bingo reusable tote bag, perfect for toting around all their Bluey gear.

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Minecraft Set

The Minecraft Backpack set is the ultimate gear for young Minecraft enthusiasts.

This set includes a diverse range of essential items for various needs. The keyring adds a touch of personality to your belongings, while the lunch bag ensures you’re well-equipped for meals on the go. The pencil case keeps your writing tools organized, and the sanitizer dispenser promotes hygiene in today’s world. This comprehensive collection is not only practical but also offers a mix of functional and fun items for everyday use.

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Best School Bag Brands for High Schoolers

Kids at high school usually want a name brand, but also a school bag that is big enough to hold a laptop and all of their books – so it needs to be sturdy.  I don’t think you can go past the surf brands they make excellent backpacks that last and last. Personally this is what I stick to for my boys!

Rip Curl

Rip Curl is a renowned brand known for its surf-inspired products, and they offer a range of backpacks designed for both functionality and style. Rip Curl backpacks often feature durable materials to withstand outdoor activities, making them popular among surfers and adventure enthusiasts.

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Nike products are always good quality and sturdy.  I like them for my boys because they are fairly plain and goes well with anything.

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Suissewin Swiss Waterproof Backpack

Fun and cool backpacks that are reasonably priced – and sturdy as hell!

SUISSEWIN Swiss waterproof Daily Backpack Kids School backpack Travel  Shoulder Bag SNK17010 Blue |
Suissewin Swiss waterproof Kids School backpack Travel Backpack SNG3005  Orange | Buy Backpacks - 6941024860561


Quiksilver offers a range of stylish and durable backpacks suitable for high school students. Featuring multiple compartments, laptop sleeves, and ergonomic designs, Quiksilver backpacks are designed to meet the needs of high school students who often carry textbooks and electronic devices.

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Cath Kidson

Cath Kidston offers a charming selection of backpacks ideally suited for high school students. Known for their distinctive and stylish designs, Cath Kidston backpacks seamlessly blend functionality with fashion. These backpacks typically feature multiple compartments and practical organizational elements, providing ample space for textbooks, stationery, and other essentials.

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Herschel backpacks stand out as a stylish and practical choice for high school students. Renowned for their contemporary designs and meticulous craftsmanship, their backpacks effortlessly balance functionality with fashion. Featuring multiple compartments and dedicated pockets for laptops and other essentials, and with its diverse range of sizes, colours, and patterns, Herschel offers a versatile selection to suit the varied tastes and preferences of high school kids.

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Strandbags is a well-known retailer that offers a wide range of backpacks, catering to various styles and preferences. With an emphasis on quality and functionality, Strandbags backpacks are popular among individuals seeking durable and fashionable options. This Bluejuice Blue Water Backpack Set is such a great pick. And it’s only $34.99!

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Here’s a tip: Get the kids involved in choosing their own school bag is a great way to make it that little easier to get out the door on school mornings!

How To Keep Your Child’s School Backpack Clean

It is a big challenge for anyone who has kids. So many things can be found in a school backpack – people who do not have kids can never. Sometimes I am scared there’s gonna be a wild animal in there.

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Making sure your kid’s school backpack is clean is not only for hygiene but also for the longevity of the bag even just for a year.

Here are my tips:

  • Get your child into the habit of emptying the school backpack out daily.  A rogue banana will have you turfing the bag in no time!
  • If it becomes a bit stinky – put a bowl of bicarbonate of soda in the bottom over a weekend.  This absorbs odours.
  • Backpacks CAN be washed in the washing machine. Just put it in a pillowcase or lingerie bag and wash on a gentle cycle.  Hang it out in the sun to dry (with all the zips open to catch the sunlight and the wind) – and it will be as good as new!
  • Lunch box leaks can really do a lot of damage to school bags.  Make sure any lunch boxes are sealed properly.
  • Ensure the straps fit your child well. Ill-fitting straps are not only bad for your child’s posture but will make your child ‘drop the bag heavily’.  All those concrete scrapes will rip out the bottom of the hardiest of school backpacks.

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