My True Confessions As A Divorced Super MumIn the middle of a divorce with the adult kids slowly leaving home...

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My life so far has been defined as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunty — but I have no freaking clue who or what I am or want!

No, that’s not true, I know what I want, it is a Purple Winnebago, I will also accept a Purple Motor home. Now who am I???

Confessions Of A Divorced 'SuperMum' | Stay At Home Mum

I have 23 years of being a mother of four children, all with totally different personalities, and turning out that parenting had changed from how I was brought up. Being a mother was my only goal even when I was little, I knew I was going to have lots of kids but thank goodness, my brain turned off the clucky switch after number four came along.

Kids Leaving the Nest…

Now with two of my babies having left the nest, one off to uni and living the uni dream of studying, parties and asking for money so she can get her groceries for the week (two-minute noodles and Up and Go’s). The eldest working full time, and I only have the younger two left at home and realising that time is flying, and they will be gone far too soon as well.

I find myself thinking this isn’t supposed to be the way I had envisaged my life. I should be married and waiting for the kiddies to leave home so that hubby and I can start the next chapter of our lives.

Confessions Of A Divorced 'SuperMum' | Stay At Home Mum

That is not what has happened, though.

I find myself in the middle of a divorce, working full time, bringing up a teenager and preteen, both girls (this is where I should be drinking the cooking sherry by now) and delving into the terrifying thing called DATING!

Oh God, Dating Again!

Dating has changed, and not for the good. I first dipped my toe into the dating scene with my girlfriend who said she needed back up on a speed dating night. All I can say was thank God, they had alcohol!

So next on the list is online dating. Well, I have obviously been living under a rock. There is a variety of online sites to suit any taste and I mean ANY. I made a profile on one that was very tame, and starting fishing. Does that give away what site it might be? 😉

Confessions Of A Divorced 'SuperMum' | Stay At Home Mum

I met a lovely scammer from Malaysia, someone still married, and a lot of men wanting friends with benefits. Now, this isn’t a man bashing — I love men, they can be sexy, delicious, and very helpful around the yard.

One thing I did learn was with as many men out there playing the field, there are an equal number of women doing the same thing to men.

Superwoman Has Backup!

I find myself working fulltime, at this awesome website called Stay at Home Mum, balancing life and kids, searching for someone who might fit what I am looking for in life — to share with me some of my hopes and dreams, and, of course, take out the rubbish on bin night.

Confessions Of A Divorced 'SuperMum' | Stay At Home Mum


So where I thought I would be married and living the dream of happy families, I have actually found that I am Superwoman, with backup from my support network that I built around me, without really knowing it.

Confessions Of A Divorced 'SuperMum' | Stay At Home Mum

I am strong independent woman, loving mother to four gorgeous kids and learning to accept help when I need it.

Life might not turn out the way you had thought, but sometimes, it can turn out even better!

Confessions Of A Divorced 'SuperMum'

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