Hukup Australia: Find Your Perfect Match

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Hukup Australia: Find Your Perfect Match
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Dating has a long evolution history; over the decades, dating methods and needs of humankind has evolved and changed substantially.

With the advent and advance of technology, dating has been made simple in many ways. Traditional dating required asking someone on a date by phone or otherwise, required courage, planning, investment of ego, and overcome a fear of rejection.

Now it is a lot easier to find singles and matches around you than ever. At the same time, it has become more challenging to find the right app to suit your needs. Also, hookup culture has taken over in the fast-paced metropolitan life, where an intention to find a date with minimal investment of time is on the rise.

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A friend introduced us to Hukup Australia, a portal and app designed to cater needs of Australian singles and couples for short term and long term dating. Which is what we can call casual and formal dating all on the one app, moreover it caters singles and couples in all stages of life.

Hukup Australia is a dating platform usable via web browser and apps for iOS and Android for all genders of all orientations, including couples.

Standard membership of Hukupnet is free and good enough to contact potential matches, as it allows you to send 100 messages every day. Users have two levels of photo gallery, public and private. The private gallery can be shared and unshared, where a Public gallery is visible to all potential matches as per user profile and preferences.

A grid displays the potential matches sorted by distance from user location. Some of the handy features of Hukupnet are listed below:

  • Filter the grid display of profiles based on all the fields of a Profile.
  • Messages display in the form of conversation for easy traceability of previously sent and received messages.
  • Share gesture, location, and photos right from the conversation.
  • Private and Public photos
  • Access previous conversation from web or apps and continue where you left.

A significant difference in Premium membership is an ability to send unlimited messages, whereas limited to 100 messages per day in Standard membership.

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Currently, Hukup Australia is offering three months of Premium membership to all new members.

Find out more about Hukup Australia on their blog and like them on Facebook!

Hukup Australia Find Your Perfect Match | Stay at Home

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